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Ever wonder why those Apple iPhone updates take so damn long?

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Re: When have a billion filesystems ever been upgraded without permission before?

Man you're all a bunch of bitching cry babies. Unless you work for Apple, you can't tell me they didn't test this out hundreds of thousands of times in a lab. You also don't know if they tested it on users with a full iCloud backup of their phone.

All you know is to attack a firm that updates hundreds of millions of phones en masse, annually, and yet Android is more fractured than Evil Knievel but get's a pass.

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Re: no no no no no no no, Apple

I'm sure Apple sent out a pre-alpha version of the upgrade to users. /s

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Re: @SuccessCase

snidey is fine, but the the register lost me years ago because of it's over-the-top anti-hard on for all things Apple. I don't see the same slant against android or other operating systems. Where's the hate for WinFS? Wasn't it part of Longhorn? Wasn't that back in 2002?

I guess you are of the opinion that Apple's switching of it's huge installed base of iOS users overnight is a minor footnote in computing history. You probably pretend Android OS deployment isn't all fragmented. I'm still waiting for my Samsung S7 to update to the latest version.

Let's read what Steven Sinofsky (ex-president of Windows division) has to say -

"I’ve lived through all the Apple migrations and all the DOS/Windows migrations and not only is this among the most feature-rich releases, it is actually running right now on my Mac (and iPhone) after an in-place upgrade. I seriously sat there watching the install process thinking “this is going to take like a day to finish and it will probably fail and roll back in the middle or something”. After about 30 minutes the whole thing was complete. The amount of amazing engineering that went into both the creation and deployment of APFS is mind-blowing. And that it was done on phones, watches, and PCs is nothing short of spectacular and except for maybe the transition from FAT to FAT32, I can’t recall anything even close to this. There are a ton of features under the covers that will surface in use of Apple devices, but mostly it will just make everything better seamlessly."


Time Warner gives America metered internet

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40gb makes Rogers look generous

My Rogers meter shows around 300mb on days I'm only surfing, thanks to VOIP. Conflict of interest with Rogers Home Phone?

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

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Apple hardware a year behind?

Sense of Deja Vu, By Chris: Note sure where you get the idea Apple hardware is at least 12 months behind.

Apple's switch to x86 has given it exclusive first access to new Intel chip releases. Apple has typically chosen to release new systems as soon as Intel ships their chips to them.

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I love my upgraded Latitude D830

I've got it dual booting with OS X 10.5.2 and Mythbuntu. Can't wait for Apple to open its OS to generic PC kit.

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