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Poland's ex-PM condemns online polling


Internet not the best way to cast votes in Poland at present.

As much as I personally dislike Mr Kaczynski I do agree with his valid point about internet not being exactly best way to cast votes in Poland at present. Finland or Singapore with their hight broadband penetration rates could try this. But not Poland. Implementation of such online polling system does not warrant higher turnover at elections. You can find out if you research this topic thoroughly I am sure. So if you decided to implement online voting in Poland you would have to maintain the old "off-line" system, too and make sure that both systems can exchange data effectively so that there is no double voting etc. This is risky, and above all: expensive. Voting at home means you could research candidates while voting. That is what would happen as as many as 60% of people do not show any political preference and fall pray to last-minute election-time propaganda. Internet voting would only extend this.

All in all - online polling (in the given circumstances) is nonsense.

Joe Fay did not research this topic well instead he chose to share his conspiracy theory at the end of his rather poorly-written blurb.

Please note: young migrants do not need internet to vote, they can vote in Polish embassies throughout the world. And so they did last time.

Mr.'s Fays comments are biased and ignorant. Sure Kaczynski with his lifestyle and conservative comments is an easy target, but nonetheless a journalist is supposed to understand the subject he attempts to write about. This is clearly not the case here.



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