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New 'plasma lamps' to replace fluorescent bulbs, LEDs

Phil Lewis

Yes, I always write the start-of-use date on the side of my bulbs so that I know when I put them in. I had 3 premature failures (an estimated 60-100 hours) of some £8 CFL daylight bulbs from BLTdirect. They sent me some more at no cost - even after 1 year of purchase!

It is true that the higher power CFLs seems to have a more limited life. The electronic components definitely aren't up to handling the extra heat in many of these. The GE ones used to last for years but now I've noticed that the more recent one use crap components too and also break prematurely.

Oh yes, and there seems to be no correlation between what you pay for a CFL bulb and how long it lasts. I've had cheap ikea ones way outlast their stated life.

On the bright side, I've had some success in repairing the bulbs by taking them apart and replacing components from other similar broken bulbs where the same component survived. Really only worthwhile if they are the more expensive models.

My advice: buy those Eon-subsidised ultra-cheap 11W CFLs from Homebase etc and just use more of them. (I think they were 10p each??)

Feds subpoena Twitter for info on WikiLeaks backer

Phil Lewis

The Problem with commercial centralised internet services such as this...

This is IMHO one of the big problems with commercially operated centralised services such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail et. al. Basically the govt can just order them to hand over info like this en mass. They have made it too easy for the govt. This type of court order would be so much harder for the govt if it were simply standard email or a standardised decentralised service (should they yet exist, OK, maybe Diaspora and certainly distributed SMTP email services).

Adobe urges 'caution' for 64-bit Flash player beta

Phil Lewis


The site never said that. You are wrong. Go read it again.

Half a hero biscuit for Microsoft

Phil Lewis
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Use openfire

"For a really small shop looking for corporate instant messaging, the advice is easy: don’t bother with OCS. Slap a jabber server together in 15 minutes and go have a cup of tea."

I've had much success with the very-simple-to-install openfire jabber server (java/open source). It integrates nicely with AD and 'just works'. Had loads of users on it and it didn't ever need as much as a service restart in the 2 years the (RHEL4 Linux) server didn't get rebooted.

BBC new media boss defends iPlayer Flash, slaps Microsoft

Phil Lewis


which is why I use get_iplayer ( http://www.infradead.org/get_iplayer/html/get_iplayer.html ) for all iplayer viewing - I can even view iPlayer HD streams on my Intel atom/ nvidia ion based Linux PC at seemingly full framerate in VLC or mplayer. That same PC struggles with standard/low quality streams from iplayer in flash...

Of course by using such an enabling tool I have, overnight, miraculously morphed into a ravaging pirate who uploads all of my dvds, videos, casettes, LPs and cd collections on bittorrent and have retro-fitted a hook to my left arm so that I can carry the bag containing all the DVD copies I make of teletubbies for sale at the local pub and car boot sale. Or, at least that's what the beeb would have you believe.

Microsoft records first ever revenue drop

Phil Lewis

Media Centre

Who, on earth, would want to view media on a netbook?

- Off to NOT watch some media on my Acer Aspire One with mplayer on Ubuntu.

Royal Navy completes Windows for Submarines™ rollout

Phil Lewis

Didn't the Navy try Windows a while back?

Hmm, only ten years on and we're here again...


Beeb readies iPlayer app for Nokia N96

Phil Lewis

Download the stream NOW!

I think that my blog post here: http://linuxcentre.net/?p=16 may shed some light on the upcoming N96 download service. I've determined that the stream appears to be H.264 128kbps video and AAC 64kbps. The streaming protocol is RTSP with a 3GP container. The resolution is 320x176.

I've already had it streaming and downloading on Linux with vlc and I've had others report it works out-of-the-box on several other devices including mobiles and windows :-)

I could be looking at the completely wrong stream but it seems likely to be the right one.

HP shatters excessive packaging world record

Phil Lewis
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Dell also like to protect air

Last year I also had two boxes sent to me from Dell which were around 25 x 4 x 15 cm and after opening them there was only a slip of paper in each saying 'This box is intentionally empty' (or words to that effect)!!

I guess it's not much different in value to getting a boxed set of Vista.

Steve Jobs rescues freetards from BBC iPlayer wilderness (for now)

Phil Lewis

Here is a Linux command-line iPlayer client :-)

OK, here is a Linux command line iPlayer with cached menu...Requires perl, curl, mplayer. It also generates an html index page when you run it. Sorry - quick hacky script...


BTW: if you switch on VALIDATE it will check if the links are broken (of which up to 25% seem to be on the iplayer site)..

- Phil


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