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London stock market floored by computer glitch


Maybe they should have gone with Intel Instead :-)

Maybe they should have used intel instead :-)


The London Stock Exchange turns to AMD and HP for an Edge in the Increasingly Competitive Global Financial Marketplace

As one of the world’s premier stock exchanges, the 200+ year old London Stock Exchange (LSE) processes billions of transactions daily, forcing its management team to stay at the front of the technology curve. “We strive to be the most advanced Exchange in the world,” said Robin Paine, CTO. To keep its technological edge, the LSE chose to rely solely on AMD Opteron™ processors to power its new trading system.

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'


400 milliamps Is Enough To Kill

So, it seems from reading the comments that the defenders of this "toy" say it's harmless. I did a little research:

This person here says he built a disposable camera taser that generated at leaset 400mA (milliamps) of current: http://staulkor.com/node/4

"Yes, those are burn marks around craters created by a disposable camera taser. This thing has some serious power. I pulled out my fancy multimeter and tested this thing out. With the camera I bought, I charged up the capacitor for about 5 seconds, and measured the DCV and mA in the capacitor. I was shocked at what I found. This thing was at 330v and 400mA only after 5 seconds of charging. I kept my multimeter probes on the capacitor and watched the numbers. It kept climbing, slowly but surely."

And here, this person says that 70mA (0.070 amp) is enough to Kill

http://au.answers.yahoo.com/answers2/frontend.php/question?qid=20071111194006AAzy0bV "Yes!! It isn't the voltage, but the amperage that kills.The damaging effects of shock are the result of current passing through the body. This current depends on voltage applied and also on the electric resistance of the human body. A current of .005 amps is painful. At .010 amps involuntary muscle contractions occur. Loss of muscle control occurs around .015 amps. A current of greater than .070 amps can be fatal. It only takes .070 amp to kill ! Current(I) = Voltage(V) divided by Resistance(R)"

Now I'm not saying that arresting this kid wasn't an over reaction, but I wonder how some of this person's defenders would feel if this so called "Toy" had killed a member of their family?

Intel's Otellini faces Brussels court


@Marc Savage

That would be a fine argument, if intel was being accused of doing right or wrong. They're not. What they are being accused of is doing Legal or Illegal. Your argument is about breaking morals, the EU's and AMD's argument is about breaking the law.


Intel denied The EU Charges

Dear amanfromMars,

FYI - Intel did not admit/concede the charges, they denied them.


The EU has examined Intel's business practices in Europe for six years, but the investigation was renewed somewhat in 2005 after AMD formally accused its arch-rival of anti-competitive actions, launching legal action in Japan and the US. The lawsuits followed a ruling by Japan's competition watchdog that Intel had abused its market leadership there. That's a charge Intel denies, similarly rejecting such claims in other markets. Even so, EC officials raided Intel premises in July 2005, as part their investigation.

Please don't make things up. Thank you.


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