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Samsung shows off fourth-gen Blu-ray player

Sam Y

one month delay for fourth-gen

I really consider what's new in fourth-gen added.

And now Samsung have only a month for setting up all the things which they promised before. I am sure they really need to get second wind.


Samsung rolls out Pebble player

Sam Y

it's so cute like a shell or cosmetic case.

It looks very cute and has a stylish design.

Good colorful features. (white/Red/Green/Black/purple)

Especially, it looks like a cosmetic case in a bag or a shell in the beach.

No screen, No FM Radio, No voice recording ; these are up to it's size.

It will be a good competition with ipod shuffle.

I wonder how to recharge the inner battery on it.

I expect when it will comes out and how much it is in the market.



Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player

Sam Y

I still have this mp3 player, F20 but there is not useful.

The picture of mp3 player on the articles is F20, manufactured by Saehan.

I still have this one, but now I can't use it any more.

I remember when it came out in the world, I was so shocked.

It means Digital products began to come out in the market and changed many of issued new productions in the world.

Also, new brands had been developed quickly...

However, Saehan dropped out of mp3 player from several years ago.

Now some companies in Korea, Samsung (Yepp series) and Reincom (Iriver) have been developing this biz.

Up to now, there are many good competitors in digital field ; sony, ipod and so on. It is good for users to provide a variety of choices.

Now, I have Yepp series and they come to be my gadgets.



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