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Apple iPhone 3G


@ BigTim

"Anyone who has kids.

Gutted if I couldn't send/receive pics of the little ones when me or she is in work."

You shouldn't be on the phone at work anyway! You should be on facebook instead.

/mine's the 6 months out of fashion one in the past.

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RE: RE: MMS - come on, who actualy uses that aged 13 or over?

Ok one or two points taken but basically if a picture is going to to be good enough to convey any great information by the time its been shrunk by MMS and viewed on a regular phone its useless, come on in email, you versatile bugger you!

If Apple invented MMS everyone would be like come on, what a rip off, typical Apple, i can do that with linux and email and some sort of shell script for free!

I bet Paris sends MMS, @ gary owen, is your wife Paris!? ;)

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MMS - come on, who actualy uses that aged 13 or over?

I got the iphone 3g on launch day from apple southampton. It's actually better than i expected. Finally proper address book syncing with my MBP, and battery does about 2 days, which isn't too bad.

I guess including MMS wouldn;t hurt but really who actually uses this? Its free and much better to send email anyway. I've had MMS phones for years and only send about 3 MMSs. I'm more likely to send photos with the iphone's email than i was with MMS.

Microsoft admits big delay on Home Server bug fix

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this is a little unfair and inaccurate

Firstly calling it WHS 2008, suggests its on the server 2008 / vista code base, its not. Its built on server 2003, SBS edition. The bug is deep in the way the server balances data across multiple drives, as this tech is WHS only it doesn't affect any other server OS. It also only affects a limited number of programs when used to edit files over a network share, the backup database, remote access etc are not effected.

Don't get me wrong, its a major bug and a 6 month fix is pretty poor, but its a clever tech and the bug doesn't make the server useless. Mine has done 2 bare metal restores so far, which is a life saver.

Paris as she maybe wrote the disk management driver and/or this article!

Cometh the hour, cometh the iPhone SDK

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$99 - its not that bad

I think the $99 developer program fee is a one time fee for your signing certificate, not an annual subscription.

Come on, it's not a bad deal, you pay £50 and don't have to worry about distribution etc.

Even Ballmer didn't have too much bad to say about it, only that a 30% take from Apple was a bit steep. It also looks like Silverlight might be in the pipeline, probably before flash. First Exchange and possibly silverlight, seems like Apple and Microsoft might be more than 'just good friends'

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