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Security firms split over Phorm classification

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Thats how i feel........ I emailed virgin who are my ISP ..... thier policy is to answer all customer enquiries within 48 hours via a return email.... After five days I had no such reply... However, after six days I had a phone call.... In next to no time after querying

the privacy infringments, "pimping" users browsing data and asking why I should have to come into contact with this company to "opt out". The guy on the other end of the phone didnt seem very forthcoming with any definite answers to anything at all concerning thier tidy little earner.... I then asked for them to send me the relevent answers to my questions via my email but unsurprisingly they declined to be able to do so as "nothing is definite and theres still things needing to be ironed out". This translates as "we`re waiting to see if we can get away with this latest scam before we tell our customers what we have done"... i shall keep spamming thier inbox and also the customer forums on thier website in the hope that others will join in....

ISP data deal with former 'spyware' boss triggers privacy fears

jon stansfield

Virgin On The Ridiculous

First of all, I just want to point out that I am sick and tired of UK isp dishonesty and cannot believe that the law allows us to be treated with what is blatant contempt and the various constant scamming of customers... I signed up as and NTL user 18 months ago after a year of BT misery... NTL changed hands and under Virgin things have gone from bad to worse... Why are UK ISP providers allowed to advertise a 20 meg BB package until recently make no mention of the words "up to" and give customers the impression that its a 20 meg upstream AND download speed? Also why hasnt the law insisted that thier new traffic shaping policies are shown too?

Not only has Virgin implemented "Traffic shaping" they have also quietly gone about editing the criteria without informing any of its customers. Apparently now they say they are now able to advertise an upgraded XL package so I will have 50 meg BB...

How can they deliver on 50 megs? They cant sustain the current 20meg service they are selling right now... Any XL user who downloads 3 GB between 4pm and 9pm will be slowed down to a 5 meg speed... Thats also left unmentioned in all virgins advertising... Bear in mind the 3GB limitations here and then take into account that this "Pop-Up / browser hijacking / malware / nuisance / invasion of privacy" scheme will mean that each pop up will eat ur 3GB download as ur isp will throw "All" downloaded kbs into the total as each time u change a page it downloads.... as well as sends back info as well... Now to my knowledge the term "Pop-up" invariably means flash animations with sounds and lots of industrial javascript content that will clog up ur temp folder with lots of bloatware, thats assuming that ur first attempt to close the annoyance by hitting the cross in its corner actually works.... also these things contain tracking cookies too so u will need to flush ur browsers and close ur net to make sure its not secretly running a dll process after being closed down... It may well redirect u to a questionaire or survey page instead asking why u were not interested in the special user related helpful browser spamming as they were trying to "help" u get the most from ur net experience, and it will then harrang u about questions and surveys they want u to help em with so they can improve thier service.... A service which u will have no way to stop recieving... sorta like giving the Jehovas witnesses the front door keys to ur house so they can sell u a new bible with a different cover everyday isnt it?


Will they also be hijacking those kiddie porn freaks with pop ups about cheap flights to Thailand and Gary Glitter comeback concert ticket competitions too? Maybe u will login to ur internet banking and have the same file dll file running a keylogging process so that they can then hit u with more spam as soon as u log out. showing u a flash animation and ur bank details, maybe even a screenie of the pages u viewed whilst u were logged in... Just so they can show u a range of related antispyware products that they think u will want to buy... Sucks doesnt it? Ur thinking that it wont happen arent u? Well rest assured people it can and it will!!

Isnt it about time that the UK net users regardless of isp affiliation all stood as one and demanded what everyone else in the E.U. already has.... ??? In Paris citizens have free net access as part of thier civil rights, part funded by E.U. grants and its still faster than the U.K. isps BB deals on offer... Why do they get 15meg service totally free paid for with E.U. subsidies to which the UK is giving more than any other country in the E.U.??? The reason is cos the rest of Europes countries would stop hiding thier heads in the sand and make a fuss about it...

We are the sickmen of the internet in the UK... Until enough of a stink is kicked up about it, do u really think things will change?

if we simply all sent one email each to our respective area MP using thier related house of commons emails in the same week they couldnt possibly ignore it.... Its no use threatening ur ISP with changing ur provider.. Where u gonna go to? eh?

BT or Virgin.... all the rest of the isps are franchis isps using thier network so u will get an even worse deal than u had b4.... make a stand and spam ur M.P. or M.E.P. ...

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