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Retina Display detachment


This is just rubbish

If you need ethernet, the MacBook Pro Retina ships with an adapter for one of it's two Thunderbolt ports..... If you are desperate for DVD's (I can't remember when I last needed to use one) get a dvd drive for the occasion but it's likely to be a one off. Who really needs a terra bite with you always.... no video or audio pro would dream of using the internal drive. For HD no internal drives are big enough apart from for tinkering..... Then there is this laughable stuff when back in the good old days we were all passing about floppies....sod off. There were't iMacs on all the desks individually hooked up to the internet, they were on a network, like they are now. Like now, lazy staff send files by email given the choice because it's what they do on their home computer and increasingly their phones. This is a non-artical jumping on the same old, same old, of what Apple took away and charged more for.... Get real, Apple took away the obsolete because there is a limit to what you can accommodate if you want slim and sleek..... How's that mobile phone going with that dvd drive strapped to the side, or that tablet? It's ridiculous to suggest that dvd is a must have ..... I see most people on flights watch movies on iPads or other devices. Another thing a company can afford to fly you somewhere but there's no WiFi when you get there? .... come on .... It's ludicrous....

Palm Pré WebOS: video guide

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He thinks he's Steve Jobs

Boom... another mundane feature that we have seen elsewhere.

Anyway nice to see Palm abandoning that horrid window mobile system.

Apple US retail sales leap past PC par


More money than sense?

I've always been interested in that phrase........

Tell me, how do we make the money in the first place, if we are such fools?

Is it that we go through a really intelligent period and buy cheap stuff and then get progressively more stupid as we get richer? (I don't remember buying second best even when I was a lot less well off). It really does sound counter-intuitive. In my experience rich people rarely throw their money around, they certainly don't buy things that they consider to be poor value for money.

Maybe you need more money and then you might see the point. Then again my values haven't changed a great deal over the years. I have always bought what I consider to be the best value for money. I have a tiny Sony (never use it even though it's "fully featured") Eee PC (trackpad is too small even for my 7 year old daughter, its cheap but impractical) MacBook Pro (everything works but its a bit heavy to use on the road) and ........ yes you guessed a MacBook Air (I use it all the time at home or on the road, don't miss the DVD or ports because everything I do involves connection to a network, wireless is everywhere (if not I have 3g dongle) I don't watch movies on it, I work!!! bizarrely enough or watch a tv or if I'm on a long flight I use the entertainment system, sleep! or use a PSP because it lasts longer than any laptop I know of..... One USB connection is fine for backing up and they have these really uber-cool new things called a bluetooth mouse, ever heard of them? I think they have been out for a while now......!!!

Maybe its not that people who buy the MacBook Air have more money than sense, maybe its that they have what they consider to be an appropriate machine for them. I wonder however what motivates a comment like "More money than sense"? Please explain..... because without more to go on, you sound like a total c**k as we in England might politely put it.

I've been using the MacBook Air for while now and can quite honestly say its been the best laptop experience, that I have had in 15 years of playing around with a large range of tech tat.

Cometh the hour, cometh the iPhone SDK

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Apple not so much picks their pockets as copies the keys to their bank accounts

This is bollocks........

If I buy an expensive car that cost the manufacturer nowhere near the price I paid to make it, I don't claim that he charged too much or made too much profit......I made the decision to buy at the price I paid. Consumers have full responsibility for the actions they take as will developers.

If the iPhone is not compelling enough, people won't buy or get involved, that's the end of the debate. And as for suggesting that Windows Mobile or any of the others offer a user experience anything like the iPhone or Ipod Touch, you are dreaming! I have loads of these crappy devices (Windows,Symbian and Blackberry). I'm a gadget freak, I buy these pieces of clunky junk every other month in the hopeless quest for something that just works. The only one that gets anywhere close to ease of use is the Blackberry, which is still laughably quaint.

I don't have an iPod because I won't pay that sort of money to have such slow access to the internet without being on my office's wireless connection. I do have an iPod Touch and to compare that to my Blackberry is frankly hilarious. For those of you who haven't tried one (a Blackberry) and can remember that far back its like stepping back perhaps more than a decade with your web experience. Its also an infuriating dance to install software or update the system. Its crashed twice in the last two weeks and I have had to wipe it after installing a new theme approved by the developer for my Blackberry.

I wouldn't mind some quality control on Blackberry software actually, because it wasted a day of my time, buggering around with this infernal device to restore a pretty antiquated version of email. Blackberry email is like sms only longer.

Windows Mobile does what it says but could not be described as friendly, its a nerdish tool. Symbian it its various forms is a bit better (it actually functions sometimes) but on various platforms usually crashes for me.

I'm getting sick of The Register slagging off the Apple device for being a status symbol, too expensive or whatever else. If you don't like it , don't buy it. If you think its too expensive for what it does, don't buy it. (I wouldn't buy a KIA or Chevy but I hear they will take you from A to B and do pretty much everything a BMW will but they are nowhere near the same thing). Sometimes the El Reg writers come over as the most penny pinching f**ckwits, because its cheaper does not make it better.

If you want the easiest to use (almost idiot proof), most good looking, coolest device with a phone in it and you don't mind paying, get one. 70% + say they like what they bought.

Oh and we're not children by the way, we can decide whether we want to spend our money and on what we want. A reporter's job is to report, not fill the screen with opinion and not report the facts. You give us the information, we'll go and try one and we'll decide whether its a waste or not.

Oh and fear not, I don't think Apple picks pockets or gets copies of keys to your bank account, they don't need them, last time I looked they could probably buy your bank.

Steve Jobs unveils plans to dominate RIM BlackBerry, Life, the Universe, and Everything

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Blackberry isn't so great

I would have thought that these additions will make the iPhone quite compelling, lack of 3g is a problem for me (I like seeing my emails as they were written, fully featured , images and everything. GPRS is just sooo painful ). But apart from the push email, any other email accounts on a blackberry are polled and pretty slow (I'd rather use IMAP) at least on T-mobile UK, the browser is a joke, the e-mails look scrappy, the interface is laughable and they have their share of blackouts which seems to be a downside of relying on one company to serve everything. And at least the one I've got (8707) doesn't seem very smart for a smartphone, it sort reminds me of an old palm for some reason, not because it looks like one but it seems similarly antiquated. I know its a pretty unfashionable thing to say on El Reg but........ If it didn't cost so much in subcriptions and had a 3g+ connection I'd buy one in shot, its just cooler isn't it? Maybe its just me............

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