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Apple Mac Mini 2010

Phil Royall


Seriously, Apple, Blu-Ray, now.

Pentax K-m entry-level digital SLR

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re: why not a bridge camera?

If you see the ability to change lenses as a curse, rather than a blessing, then you will probably be happy with a bridge camera. A 19x zoom will give you sharp enough shots, just don't look to hard at anything taken with a good prime lens.

DSLRs also give you a bigger sensor, and so have shots of better resolution (I'm not talking about megapixels here) and generally cope much better with noise.

One-tonne 40ft snake prowled superhot prehistoric jungles

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They've been living underground in the Nevada desert for at nearly 20 years now.

Google voice still not on iPhone

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@ Darren Burrows

Voice dialing is available through "Say Who". It's free n'all.

Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era

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That'll be even more expensive when I spill coffee on it.

WaSP gives browsers 'fail' grade

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Safari on an iPhone gets to 39%, that's not too bad really. (Stirs up nest of Hornets and runs for cover)

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