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Planning to fly? Pour out your shampoo, toss your scissors, RENAME TERRORIST WI-FI!

Gaz Baaaaaard

I'm afraid

Be afraid, be very afraid!


CCTV nails sheep-shagging Turk

Gaz Baaaaaard

Maaaaavelouse Story

Hey dont knock it till Ewe try it! As any proud sheep shagging Welsh man will tell Ewe!

the wonderfull smell and feel of the lanolin rich coat of the sheep is to die for! leaving a rich and naturally greasy feel to ones hands and other places.....

i should perhaps say that the struggling Beast also adds to the enjoyment of the Hole experience! Tight fitting Wellies are also essential to prevent the wooly wonder wandering off!

I'm not so sure about S4C but C4 will more than likely go for it!

Big Brother Me n Ewe!

Ain't the use of stereo typicals great!!!



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