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Nokia N810 internet tablet


Reset, and iPhone

Holding the power switch for 5-10 seconds will reset the n810.

Tell me on the iPhone how I can download anything, much less a podcast MP3 directly into the media player archive? My Nokia makes this easy, so I never have to return to the mothership to change the smallest thing.

I've also placed VoIP calls on the Nokia, though it wasn't intended for that.

The iPhone is a browser OR a phone OR a media player, and sometimes lets you move data across applications. The Nokia is a brower AND a media player AND a gps mapper...

The iPhone is nice, but it would be far nicer if they opened it up officially and fully.

I've already ported a half dozen programs I occasionally use on my laptop to the Nokia and found its USB port has a host mode so I can do ethernet, flash drives, and a few other things - probably even manage an iPod. Apple destroyed many iPhones that had non-approved software in their last update.

If you like what the iPhone does - as it is today and nothing else - it is a very nice device. If you need an expandable swiss-army-knife, the Nokia is better.

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