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Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

owen bullock

technically no, legally yes?

I read that article at the weekend and chortled to myself as I imagined thousands of motorists getting nabbed after following Clarksons advice.

I wonder however, if he's referring to the fact that although technically the system can handle as many lanes as you have, I heard that each camera is only type approved for two lanes. So if you switched from lane one to three, it may be a loophole? (He still got it wrong though)

Anyone more clued up care to add to this?

Ofcom sharpens cutlasses for pirate radio assault

owen bullock

Re: Physical radio becoming less relevant?

Yes, some of the London pirates transmit online at the same time, but only the bigger ones afaik. Drive through Tottenham on a weekend and you'll find the FM dial absolutely crammed with dodgy stations.

And doesnt internet radio miss the point - the pleasure of twiddling the dial till you find something you like?

Data pimping: surveillance expert raises illegal wiretap worries

owen bullock

not PlusNET!

If you ever want to use bittorent again, dont touch PlusNET with a bargepole - they may not be using Phorm, but thats because they've already invested in the deep-packet inspection monster that is Ellacoya. I wouldnt mind if they throttled your traffic after you hit a certain usage limit, but they do it ALL THE TIME, indiscriminately.

I'm not a heavy user (15G/month) but i want to use the web for What I Want, When I Want - thats why Zen are good for me - i pay for 20G and I use it how i like, none of this 'unlimited' sales bull.


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