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Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps

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Gates must be worried...

I used to champion Microsoft back in the days when I was employed as a developer. These days I have my own business all web based and have somewhat distanced my self from MS. Still torn between IE and Firefox.. although Firefox is slowly winning me over.

I digress though, because Google Apps was the talking point. Personally I use Google Apps these days and have all but ditched Microsoft Office (exception being Access - for now...) I've always liked things to be simple and to do what I need them to do, not what I might remotely do in some distant future. Office tries to do too much for my liking, is too big and expensive (not that I ever bought it!). Google Apps and GMail (my ONLY email these days) suit me perfectly. I've actually found the collaborative side of things useful too, sometimes for business and sometimes for household stuff too. It's just easy and it does what it says on the tin. Not to mention the fact that I use various PC's all over the place.

Thumbs up Google - Microsoft, try harder next time!


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