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Bees on cocaine: The facts


Bees on coke!

Gives a whole new meaning to "what a buzz!"

Indulge your fecal fantasies with a doll that craps


What a load of shit

Title says it all!

DARPA: Self-repairing, learning kill-robot tech is go


Self replicating???

Surely the image atteched to this news item shows a self replicating robot too? It is obviously attempting to mate with an upturned car!

Ubuntu chief ushers in the age of Intrepid Ibex

Paris Hilton


Perhaps waiting till the releases get to Clueless Crab or maybe even Idiotic Imbecile may suit you better! (Yes I know, Imbecile isn't an animal but if the cap fits!)

Updates happen for ALL OS's, but the Ubuntu ability to do this painlessly including drivers, installed software as well as the OS works well for me. Ubuntu rocks as far as I am concerned and it really does what it says on the tin - "just works"

As for the naming structure, the animal references are obviously a little light fun which can be lacking in the industry. More important are the version numbers. I can't wait for 8.04 to release (For those that don't know that converts to Year 8 Month 04!) A perfect way to see how up to date/far behind your version is. BUT the update cycle is up to you. You DONT have to update to a newer OS.

"'Also decided that this was a good opportunity to try that Ubuntu thing. Installed and updated in less than two hours. Pretty impressed really'

And yet if it takes that long to install XP, people are up in arms."

I think you got this wrong! XP takes up to 2 hours to install then two days for all the updates (including the updates to updates!!!!!!!) Ubuntu from start to finish (that's a total bare metal install AND all updates - including any software, drivers AND the OS) is two hours MAX!

Canonical are doing a grand job! I for one say keep up the good work!

Paris because she is the original Feisty Fawn


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