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T-Mobile sinks money into femtocells

Kenneth Noland
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for get femtocell

as much as technology is beneficial . its lifespan is short . because of a new technology

that I am involved in . its been in development for six years , and there are ready on fifth chip

and very shortly their sixth. the technology is using the 802 protocol but as far as the

extensions that information in this time is not available. but what I can to you

is that the technology will allow a 1.5MB up and down no degradation that can penetrate

heavy foliage,and 20 ft. underground,the signal can travel from one tower over flatlands

138 mi. omnidirectional and heavy mountain trains . it can reach 32 mi.

the cost is so cheap to manufacture that the retail price for the 1.5MB will be under $20 a month the long-term contracts no sign of fees free hardware.

the products are labeled by using the word T-1 T-2 T-3

the T-3 will only be $80 a month.



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