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Sony names date for Euro 80GB PS3


@ Richard

"Erm, yes it can.


Erm, not it cannot!!

That is the launch 60Gb CECHCxx model which has been withdrawn and is not available for sale.

As I already said....the PS3 currently available on sale today in the UK, the 40Gb CECHGxx, cannot play SACD's.


The new model just seems to be a hard-drive increase, with no added functionality.

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No sale

I'm not buying a PS3 until they re-introduce full UK launch functionality.

I don't buy anything that has been deliberately gimped to reach a price-point.

Sony's flagship games console on sale in the UK today can't play Super Audio CD's. A format co-developed by.......Sony.

Sony details PS3 DVR pricing, launch date


@ Mike Richards

The TiVo drive is *not* that easy to replace...you can't just stick one in and TiVo automatically formats it....there's lots and lots of Linux hoops to jump through before the drive is able to be recognised by Tivo.


Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty


'tard PS3

Why are Sony still releasing the 40Gb CECHG01 aka the 'tard PS3?

I won't buy one until the full-functionality of CECHC01 aka 60Gb PS3 is restored.

Road charging, the sequel - Kelly unveils 'wired m-way' plans


Just my 1.5 million miles of driving experience worth....

Let's just ban all cars from motorways and return the UK motorway network to its original intended purpose. The quick and effiicent transport of freight.

It's not the 500,000 registered LGV's that's causing the problems.....it's the 32 million registered cars. Look at any picture of a UK motorway jam on google images...cars outnumber commercial vehicles many, many times over.


Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

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Arnie rules

"Dylan, you Sonofabitch! Whats da matter, da CIA got you pusshin tooo meny penzils?"

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