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Apple blogger legally unlocks iPhone

Chris Toft
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iPhone down under - carriers must unlock for free!!

As a UK ex-pat there is one thing you gotta love about Australia, (apart from the sunshine and winding up the locals about the cricket) - the anti monopoly laws.

I have a nice shiny new contract iPhone and on the day I took out the contract I requested that it be unlocked so I can use a travel SIM for when I am abroad or back in the UK. This involved a ten min phone call from the phone shop (Optus) who put me through to iPhone support. They then registered it with Apple and that was it.

An hour later I got an SMS saying my unlock request had been completed. One iTunes sync later and hey presto - one unlocked iPhone thats only 2 hours old :o)


Kaminsky (finally) reveals gaping hole in internet

Chris Toft

@Tom Maddox

Linux/unix etc (the superior operating systems in general) wont make any difference to this flaw as at the level of this flaw DNS works in the same way whether the DNS server is Win or *nix.

Unfortunately the client doing the DNS lookup doesnt help either as its a query to a DNS server, just because it was a Linux/unix client they are still susceptible to this flaw.

If you were aware of how DNS worked and the differences between a proper OS and Windows then you would never have made such a daft comment in the first place.

Saying that I can kinda see your point as my colleagues in the Unix community do like to throw out the "Wouldnt have happened on Linux" line all the time. Although why wouldnt they - its normally true :o)


Endemol tech chief to be released from Dubai slammer

Chris Toft

Excellent News

Its a shame it took as long as it did, but this is excellent news to everyone who knows Diz - his friends, family and people that have worked with him.

His release is by no small part down to the massive amount of work Radha Sterling has done to highlight his plight and all the people who contributed to the fund that was required for his legal representation.

Personally I will be hoovering out my suitcase and checking all my pockets for "dirt" before I fly through Dubai in April on the way to Oz.



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