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Microsoft and Intel port Silverlight to Linux

Dab Narklon


> The awkward question: If it's that easy to port Microsoft Silverlight to Linux,

> why does the Moonlight project exist at all?

The easy answer: because a port would retain microsoft copyright. An implementation is copyrighted to the implementor, who gets to dictate the terms of distribution (and maybe usage).

Another awkward question: why does it matter that a free implementation of Silverlight exist, considering that use of silverlight is basically free (beer+freedom, afaik)?

Insurance against future-closing? yes. But then, all but the staunchiest free-software advocates were (and are) perfectly happy using Linux pre icedtea java.


Next Ubuntu LTS in 2010, unless Linuxes synchronize

Dab Narklon
Paris Hilton

@Dan (slow distro dl's on release day)

Torrents: they're not just for porn anymore!


Transgender man prepares to give birth

Dab Narklon


> What really p*sses me off is people who have such

> idle time in their lives, such leisure and lack of

> need to work on things like survival, that they can

> sit around and agonize about what gender they want

> to be today.

yeah, sucks, doesn't it? all that sitting around on our asses all day, posting on message boards instead of running away from the wooly mammoths..

> but *forcing* the entire world to accept their current choice.

_forcing_ to accept? dude, do you understand the meaning of "accept"? no one is dragging you onto the operating table here! This isn't like the king changing religion, so all the peasants have to change religion too. "Forcing to accept" means "don't be an arse to people on the basis of gender".

Lucky that you don't have such strong urges that contradict the dominant religious views.

> forcing society to "accept" whatever they choose-that's a dictatorship.

and again..

> People dressing in greasepaint, juggling and riding around in

> tiny cars, being offended and passing judgement on people who

> laugh at clowns as "bigots" and making new protectionist laws?

I don't know. We'll have to evaluate that one when it comes up. We let women vote, ridiculous as that seemed, and that seems to have turned out ok. Oh, and blacks are people now.


people have been confusing "gender" and "sex" since commenting began (even Trish), so here is the definition:

gender -> social, personal identification with a role, etc.. fuzzy.

sex -> biological, as fuzzy as that gets.


Can Microsoft teach tots digital-age virtue?

Dab Narklon


> sex education doesn't stop us having sex.

The purpose of sex education is not to prevent teens from having sex, at least in Canada. The purpose of sex education is to educate about the nature of the sex, possible consequences, options, and techniques.



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