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Blighty joins killer robot club with Afghan strike

john loader

Asimov is spinning in his grave

Whatever happened to the three laws of robotics?

Big news for small cells

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Not a complete answer

Femtocells need a physical broadband connection to complete the loop. I have the problem of a totally 3g environment with no broadband by wire but where 250cm stone walls backed by aluminium faced plasterboard mean no 3G penetration depsite transmitter within a mile. So far the Huawei mobile broadband dongle hung out of the window on a USB repeater works for the PC but phones are a different matter as Sony Ericsson can't seem to grasp that their aerial sockets need the owner to buy a compatible plug or a hen's tooth whichever is easier to find. I don't want to have to sit outside to use the phone.

Solutions need to be found to enable a truly wireless environment and not depend on there being wires to a nearby exchange.

Am trialling a potential solution from mobdev.

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot

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Not all AMD

I upgraded fine on a Sempron

BT hands top job to Retail chief

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Why do they do it

BT seems to be rather lemming like by alienating customers. Charging to pay the bill, offshoring customer service to people who are incompetent, spying on broadband customers, unilaterally changing contracts etc. They forget that whilst many residential customers are stuck with them, every senior manager of a big company that could use BT in a big way may have a BT line at home or have relatives and friends who moan about BT to them. So whilst making us small people fed up they are indirectly sending a message to the few big companies that create 80% + of their income that they don't really care.

How BA handles lost luggage complaints: Shock picture

john loader

For once I'm on Naomi's side

Just a shame it wasn't Willie (or should that be Wally) Walsh receiving first hand customer feedback on B A(wful).

BT: 'We did not let anyone down over Phorm... it was not illegal'

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Try this new BT product - you must be kidding.

BT now wants me to have their cedit card - the sales pitch came from India where Data Protection is less secure than here and I guess BT would watch what I spent and where in order to sell that information on. I take only services that I have to from BT as I just don't trust them anymore (and I worked for them for 20years!).

Road charging, the sequel - Kelly unveils 'wired m-way' plans

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Roll 'em out

Road pricing just meant the rich could continue drive. Let's get the northbound 2 lane M11 using hard shoulder - then we won't have 10 miles of traffic following HGVs passing at a differential speed lower than a three legged tortoise.

Ofcom to clamp down on 'unfair' charges

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They've actually done very little

!. Telcos own costings have been accepted for charges

2. Electronic transfer via ebanking or ATM has not been considered even though this costs the Telco nothing, saves them the cost of setting up the DD and often means they get payment quicker as they may not have to wait 10 days from bill date as they do with a DD

3. What competition? Our exchange has no LLU like many rural ones. BT can rook us how they please because we can't go elesewhere for lines. I have broadband and calls from other suppliers but can't get lines so have to pay whatever BT wants.

4. BT Residential Billing has a large workforce in India which has different data protection laws to the uk - they also work for sub contractors. No account has been taken of the fact that whilst many will pay UK companies by Direct Debit, sending such information out of the EU is dangerous to one's wealth.


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