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Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?

Ade W
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Money, money, money

Yeah, and the two-thirds by volume will be priced at a fair profit over two thirds whole pint by volume cost and there's money to be made from selling less stuff for more. And there's a load of glasses to be bought and stocked in the pubs and, and, and, please can I mess about with all the things you've not even thought were a problem just for the sake of fiddling about and trying to squeeze a couple of extra pennies out of you to pay the mortgage for the house/feed the drugs'n'hookers habit I can never afford.

Thanks very much.

Is Hitwise in the Phorm biz?

Ade W

Oh, great.

BT Phorm trial announced http://www2.bt.com/static/i/btretail/webwise/bt-webwise-trial.html

"I don' like it"

NHS IT loses key contractor

Ade W

BT could get the work...

...and maybe pass the patient data on to a third party for some focused bedside marketing?

ITV fined millions for phone fraud

Ade W

Next headlline I'd like to see ...

... "BT fined millions for telecommunications fraud"

Broadband big boys waiting on data pimping

Ade W


As an aside, there is a satire by the Roman playwright, Terence, called Phormio in which there is a character (of the same name) described as a 'scheming parasite'. How very nearly apt.


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