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Freelancers might be taxed as employees after High Court ruling

Mike Rogers

Who is liable to pay?

It's not clear to me who is liable for the £99k bill

Is it his limited company or him personally? Anyone care to explain why?

If the former, I'd sugest that HMRC are unlikely to see the money. If the latter, he could well find a charging order on his house, assuming he doesn't have £99k spare change.

Home Secretary in ID card gaffe

Mike Rogers
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Our transatlantic cousins

Let's be under no illusion. Once the database is up and running, it will be available to every jobsworth bureaucrat in the country (look at RIPA: even the fire brigade and local councils can now intercept your calls), any company willing to pay/bribe the govenment to access it (DVLA the most obvious example), all EU police forces and even the FBI:


Given that half the globe and their dog will have access, what difference will a few (more) dodgy criminals make?

Minister defends National ID Register security

Mike Rogers
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Yes Minister, anyone?

Perhaps the minister is telling the "truth" (*cough*) when he says that "fewer than 100 people will have access to the National Identity Database".

I guess it depends on your definition of the word "access". Think "physical access" and maybe he's not too wide of the mark. It's just your own silly fault you thought he meant something else.

Any assurances given by politicians today are invariably worthless tomorrow. Ditto so-called "safeguards".

Oh, and while mindful of the way they are selling our DVLA data, let's not forget the recent news that the US FBI are already requesting access to our data.


I feel reassured already...

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