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BOFH: But I did log in to the portal, Dave

Nate H.

Support Denial Portal

Still better then Veritas.

BOFH: Press 1. Press 2. Press whatever you damn well LIKE

Nate H.

I'd light a torch

No grue? The Boss is in the dark long enough to attract grues, no?

Red faces abound as boffins build gamma ray lens

Nate H.

Paging David Banner

It was gamma rays, wasn't it?

NASA's 5-rocket mission to blast off tonight

Nate H.

Re: Methinks-

In Future News, the entire eastern seaboard of the United States suffers zombie outbreak.

Symantec: 'NetBackup 7.5 speeds backup 100X'

Nate H.

Hates NBU

As awful as it is (and Thank Dog I don't admin the Windoze side!), our NBU instance rarely fails to b/u and restore when requested (runs on and backs up my *ix boxen just fine)

The Vendor-speak in the fine article leaves much to be desired, and I sure hope my boss doesn't read it and think "We could be doing that!"

Beer, because NBU drives me to drink (more)...

Potent proton pulse to BOMBARD EARTH Tuesday morn

Nate H.


And don't even get me started about Daylight Savings Time!

Boxing boomers bounced building in Seoul

Nate H.

I thought it was the dog's fault?

The only victim of the Tacoma Narrows disaster was the photographer's dog. I just assumed everybody knew to blame it for the problem...

NAME that DONKEY: Bella bests Barbarella

Nate H.

And yet...

"Banksy Bella's name is, therefore, purely coincidental and in no way a comment on Kristen Stewart's acting skills."

And yet, perhaps inadvertently, it is. It _so_ is...

BOFH: This buck's for you

Nate H.


Sometimes, it hit's too close to home. Still funny, though!

BOFH: Who's been naughty and who's been nice?

Nate H.
Thumb Up

Early Xmas

Thanks for the early Christmas present!

$8.9m poker prize up for grabs - humans only please

Nate H.


I, for one, welcome our new poker overlords.

Mine's the one with the Poker Odds Calculator in the pocket...

Silicon Valley plane crash kills 3 Tesla employees

Nate H.

Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist...

Big Auto? Big Oil?

My heart goes out to the families for their loss...

My coat? The black one, that matches my hat and sunglasses.

BOFH: Baitin' switch

Nate H.


The perfect ending to the week. Thanks SImon!

Electric motorcycle world championships planned

Nate H.

I, for one...

...welcome our new electric two-wheeled overlords...

Mine's the one with SRP on the back...

Lad passes gruelling 'getting on bus' test

Nate H.

Is this the result...

...of the modern Surveillance State?

Mine's the one with the GPS tracker inside...

UK boffin: Social networking causes cancer, heart attacks, lupus, dementia...

Nate H.


I wanted to share this with my friends on Facebook, to see what they think of it...

Feds: IT admin plotted to erase Fannie Mae

Nate H.

How do they _know_ (read: prove) he did it?

Anyone with 'root' could have left 'evidence' it was this poor bastard. I'd like to see the 'proof', myself.

Mine's the bright orange one with "MCSO" across the back...

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic

Nate H.
Gates Horns


Is anyone really surprised?

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