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Army says farewell to UK's 'bugger-off' airbag drone


May I ask.

"And meanwhile, British troops - so badly paid that they are often not from Blighty at all nowadays"

Being the ignorant American i am I'm compelled to ask.

Where are the British troops from?

If they are from another country do they qualify for citizenship after service?

I would really like to send you some of our best guys. No really, our top drawer players.

Didn't fall for that one, did you.

VMware vuln exposes the perils of virtualization


MIght also affect Vitual Box


As Morely Dotes noted you could use Virtual Box. Problem be it also has a shared folder function and is probably affected by this exploit.

The difference is it is not set up by default. Look in the user manual, section 4.4 for more info on enabling shared folders between host and guest.

Or be a little safer and leave it disabled when exploring malware.

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