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Unlocked: The hidden love note on the grave of America's first crypto power-couple


What's the message in the title?

Why Firefox? Because not everybody is a web designer, silly


Re: I recently ditched Firefox.

I don't know what you've been doing but ALSA is still there and drives the hardware, pulseaudio mixes multiple applications sound sources together, has done for years reliably on my Fedora laptop. When I run JACK2 pulse suspends itself and gets out of the way of the hardware until I terminate JACK and then it takes over again. Never had an issue with it. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it wrong. Firefox can be compiled to use JACK too if you like.

Here's a great idea: Let's make a gun that looks like a mobile phone


Re: "Absolutely no one can make sense of the United States' infatuation with firearms."

It will surprise absolutely no-one that farmers have guns on this side of the pond too. However that doesn't answer the infatuation and how you ended up with a 9 year old having an automatic weapon and being filmed shooting her instructor with it.

GitHub to devs: 'We ignored you but we never stopped caring'


Re: "back in the day there were many interesting websites written by authors"

Whats needed is a federated thread-able searchable categorisation based messaging protocol. You know, like NNTP

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


"Jim, you ok in there? the next revision will be lighter I promise, and I'm calling it the Oculous Rift."

Facebook casts a hex with self-referential IPv6


Re: Lucky

you forgot :fa:cade

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Open-source Linux doesn't pay, said no one ever at Red Hat


Re: Even if it doesn't pay.

You're suggesting the company that bought a .NET virtualisation management application and rewrote the whole thing in Java and then open sourced it doesn't have some sort of commitment to the GPL?

The oracle knows all. Not THAT Oracle, of course


Curse you Dabs. I'm lucky if I train 4 women over the period of a year containing 450 IT professionals.

Wi-Fi hotspots can put iPhones into ETERNAL super slow-mo


Maybe it's an unreleased prototype derivative of the Sony Ericsson K850i which had soft keys along the bottom of the screen?

Cops think Mt Gox meltdown was an 'INSIDE JOB' – report



Mt Gox? Silly people, it's not a mountain. it's Magic the Gathering Online Exchange (MtGOX). Which I think reveals the problem. ADnDOX would have been much more secure.

Why Comrade Cameron went all Russell Brand on the UK’s mobile networks


You can get UK roaming sims RIGHT NOW

VultureNet is already here


Huawei Ascend P7: We review the PANORAMIC SELFIE smartphone


First 4G phone?

What about the P2


Huawei exec: 'Word of mouth' will beat Apple and Samsung in Europe


Posh Landfill

Huawei need to buck their ideas up regarding OS updates if they really want to make an impact. the current Flagship P6 is still on 4.2. Although Chinese users have had an upgrade to 4.4 recently. the previous top line phone the P2 hasn't seen any updates and is still on 4.1. It's just another Landfill handset maker with pretentions.

Ofcom maps state of UK broadband


Speed Bands

Interesting that scores of 2 to 4 are for an average sync speed of 6 to 16Mb/s. A bandwidth of 10Mb/s over 3 points. Providers advertise up to 24Mb/s which is a bandwidth of 8Mb/s in which they can attain a score of 1. Now, note the number of authorities with an average sync speed score of 1.

O2 tries to explain its new prudish nature


Obvous Option

@ Fluffer Toddle to the shop and tell them you need access to Google Translate then.

A young and pretty Linux server OS that takes a bit of work


right click

view image

OOo's put the willies up Microsoft


Whats that Oracle?

Your suddenly backing OpenOffice? I wondered why you suddenly woke up.

Oracle re-commits to ODF after OpenOffice divorce



Am I the only person who is viewing Libre Office as a cynical opportunistic rebranding of Novells Go-oo.org project which Red Hat, Canonical et al are already part of? Go on Reg, your supposed to be journalists. Journal this.

OpenOffice files Oracle divorce papers


For Forks Sake?

So why did they feel the need to set up a whole new fork and not join go-oo which is what ubuntu and the like have been using for years because Sun were too closed source?

2012 Olympic mascots cop a shoeing


I Like 'em. My boy will like 'em

Even though Bolton is cotton town not a steel town and that Olympic girder is obviously a pipe.

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks



Fork's "I trust the almighty G (to chuck it in the spam bin)" makes me want to laugh for some reason

Blokes spend 11 months in shed


Alone in the Shed

Adam Buxton Documented this


Boffins build Flash-like chip from graphite


A new, more mechanical, approch

to erasing?

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