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BT withdraws Wi-Fi access to The Cloud



BT, bah !

But, is there a way for me to filter out people with the stupid coat icon?

You know the always finish their comment with some non-funny Coat Comment ....

dull dull dull


How to stop worrying and enjoy paying for incoming calls


Say no to 0870?


or has this already been posted... useful site anyway !

US airforce looks to buy Californian garbage jet fuel



Great, now people will be encouraged to put more rubbish in the bin - it's needed for fuel. The energy companies will buy the supermarkets, who will demand more waste and packaging .... who will make more money the more you throw away, no not cool.

I read that the usa forces use as much oil as Greese, wouldn't be easier for them to start less wars, thus needing less fuel ?

Blunkett gets another job


Pure Evil

The man is BAD !

Because he's blind he was able to get away with more than most politicians. bad bad bad bad..................................

BAE bulging with cash and wardroids, worried about future


hang on ....


Well, if we stopped killing poor people in the third world and changed the Ministry Of Offence back to the Ministry Of Defence, you know .. made to defend all us nice british people from the Nazis and Communists, wouldn’t that save us a few pennies ?

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