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Open sourciness

David O'Donovan

@James Anderson

What you don't seem to realise is that there are a hell of a lot of companies out there using non-open source enterprise application servers (i.e Websphere or Weblogic).

Bea completely screwed up their 9 and 10 releases of weblogic, leaving only websphere or jboss as alternatives. Oracle's takeover of Bea means change and an uncertain future for the product - two things that large companies relying on enterprise solutions can't live with.

Currently JBoss is the tried and tested enterprise application server for EJB3 (based on POJOs and annotations [the java blogs and sites that you're reading are referring to EJB 2.x]) and it doesn't cost a company as much as an IBM enterprise solution. Thus, making it, in my opinion, the only alternative out there.

This makes Red Hat's debt of communication to the current JBoss community huge and very necessary for their own survival.

I have to say, I've always admired (what I presumed to be) their business model: get the geeks hooked on the open-source version, let the geeks impress management with all that the OS version can do, let management buy in Red Hat consultants because they don't trust their own IT. Everyone's happy: Red Hat get their pound of consulting flesh, management get a fully supported product and the IT get the open source infrastructure that they've always wanted.



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