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Opera CTO: How to fix Microsoft's browser issues

Clint Anderson

opera against capitalism?

a 'functioning market'? i hate to tell you this but just because something sucks dosen't mean it isn't functioning perfectly. i'm not sure about your country, but we have something called 'capitalism' here, in which the thing most people buy becomes the most popular and powerful. a monopoly is a natural result of that system because of course the more money you make the more you can invest in becoming more efficient, making cheaper products, killing off your competition thorugh the creation of intentionally divergent standards, etc.

by saying microsoft can 'fix' their browser issues, you infer that it's somehow 'broken' -- that it isn't exactly the way it is intentionally through careful forethought. i think that is pretty naive of you not to realize that the whole creation of microsofts own standards has always been with the intention of monopolizing and controlling not only web development but every other technology they can tie to the web browser.

opera is a capitalist company, its my belief they only have strong standards support because they have a tiny sliver of the market and need some bullet points to compete with. there's no ad blocker in opera for a reason, it's free now but remember, it used to be like $35 a pop.

if you want a standards compliant browser not driven by capitalism and greed, it's called firefox.



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