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Why is Microsoft dancing with Danger?



I've played with WM6 and agree it is a bit better, especially the phone dialler, which is now merely annoying rather than almost unusable. And the improvements they talk about for WM7 and beyond do sound like they at least acknowledge some of the more dire problems.

The Exchange sync security features are indeed fiendishly intrusive. I had to disable it after a week or so as the absurdly small screenlock timeout caused me too many problems, which thereby negated the main justification for replacing our perfectly functional non-3G Nokias with the HTCs in the first place.

What I'm getting at is that MS buying Danger and giving itself a way out of the whole Windows Mobile mire makes a certain amount of sense to me. They can have something that's still MS branded, leverages all their proprietary systems and services, but which is designed by a team that don't actively wish pain and suffering on their users.


Because Windows Mobile is an utter mess

Seriously, in what alternate universe has Windows Mobile "shaped up to be a reasonable operating system"?

Our company has been issuing HTC WM5 phones for a year or so. It is moderately useful as a very expensive mobile web browser and PDA. For everything else, especially using it as a phone, it's worst-of-breed in every respect.

The interface is quite simply the most horrible, clunky, amateur, cobbled together bucket of crap I've ever come across - far, far worse than anything in the open source world, let alone Nokia or Apple products.

Usually it's a pejorative to call something designed-by-committee, but if WM5 was designed by committee it, it was one of which none of the members ever met or spoke to one other.

The only thing that keeps suckering managers into buying WM5 phones is the much-touted Exchange integration which admittedly is OK, and seems to be the one single element of WM5 which was actually tested.

Oh I'm no Apple fanboy either - the iPhone is a cute toy with some fun gimmicks, but without actual 3G it's just a toy.



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