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IWF confirms Wayback Machine porn blacklisting

Terry Browning

Looks like a capacity issue at Plus.net

Looking at old yahoo.com pages via Plus.net and an Brand X isp, Plus.net delivers frequent Wayback Machine "Failed Connection" errors, whereas Brand X delivers pages without a problem.

The rate of Failed Connections seems to be about 1 page in 3. Going to another page, then trying again often gets the page delivered. However, the response time is also much longer than Brand X.

Strictly, Plus.net aren't actually banning the Wayback Machine, but the Plus.net filter's lack of capacity is making Wayback unusable for legitimate purposes.

Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09

Terry Browning

Programmable ammunition demo

Similar ammunition is in use already, albeit at larger calibres.

The Bofors CV90 combat vehicle is demonstrated with 40mm smart ammo. The 3P fuse demonstration starts half-way through.


The use of explosive ammunition under 400g is forbidden by the Declaration of St Petersburg (1868).

Geordie cops arrest two for Wi-Fi squatting

Terry Browning

Use mine.

I keep my router open for the convenience of others.

It's simply good manners.

If someone, for instance, wants to check their email, google, etc, why force them to pay extortionate mobile data rates?

If someone were thirsty, would you let them drink your tap water, or force them to buy Perrier?

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