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Judge refuses to lift order squelching students' subway card hack

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MBTA: Not a smart move

If MBTA has any smarts at all they should dropp this case and hire these students to FIX the broken system.


This case wont get to trial and if it does ALL the information will become "Public Record" and do more damage to MBTA in the long run. With keys left in unlocked boxes, unattended security booth to documents left in public view MBTA will have more questions to answer than these students ever will.

This will hardly destroy any MIT students ability of anything in the future nor does it show how evil they are. In fact it shows how smart they are and being MIT students, will enhance the choices of employment in the future.

"...destroy the MIT students' lives financially and from the business/employment standpoint, by demonstrating how evil they are. That is why they are demanding all documentation and code. MBTA is going to use the students to set an example for future students and hackers..."

I would put money on the fact that MBTA will try to use the documents and code to fix the problems however if the students and EFF go all the way on this issue, they will FORBID MBTA to use the documents and code. YES they can do that and claim copyright on docs and code ( the documents I have show a copyright on them) thus legally claim damages for a real crime.


Federal judge halts Defcon talk on subway card hacking


Worthless order

Does this Judge think his order will stop anything?

"US District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock issued the order at the request of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, which sued the three students and MIT on Friday. It forbids Zack Anderson, 21, RJ Ryan, 22 and Alessandro Chiesa, 20, from "providing program, information, software code or command that would assist another in any material way to circumvent or otherwise attack the the security" of the MBTA's fare system."

Oh but it in no way "Forbids" others who have the information. It seemd MBTA should spend the time and money to make the system more secure and fix the issues with Faulty Cards. MBTA should also think about hiring these students to work on the system. Better yet the students should "Forbid" MBTA to use the information as im sure they will to try and fix there Broken System


Network Solutions hijacks customer sub-domains for ad fest


NS Known for Questionable Actions

Anyone involved with the net thats over 30 will recall at one time Network Solutions was the ONLY game in town.

Network Solutions (like many American Corporations) once had a good standard of business but fell into the American Corporation Trens of Greed and "Do whatever we want" mission statement.

When people PAY for something there should NOT be loopholes allowing others to make money from that Paid service or product.

Offering an Opt Out for something that most users are un aware of should be illegal to say the least. Where I live policy, terms, conditions and the such are NOT bindable or enforceable unless one has been made aware of it. Sticking "Questionable" items deep in an EULA should not be allowed either.

I have a set or Terms and Policy as well (yes its actually legal) and anyone using my Debit Card to take a payment becomes bound to them, the notice is on the back of my card, so if I was with NS they would owe me 90% of the revenu.

Remember Network Solutions is/was in mega Legal hot water with ICAN for holding Domain Names that people looked up using the NS WhoIs. That should have been a sign that other "Questionable" issues would follow.

Suggestion: DONT USE Network Solutions


Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction


COS should learn Copyright Laws

Short sweet and simple.

US Copyright Laws apply to the US, Wikileaks servers are NOT in the US so there is almost NOTHING that COS can do about it. Remember a Judge already blocked wikileaks once just to reverse it since his order violated Constitutional Law.

Lets play like Wikileaks is in the US, "Fair Use" would protect most information as long as the rules for fair use were followed.

I have nothing to say about COS other than they seem to make a BIG DEAL anytime someone says or does something against them. Making a BIG DEAL often brings more attention to things that otherwise would have gone un noticed. If COS just ignored things like this or issued a "Cant Confirm" statement it seems they would have less headaches.


Wikileaks judge gets Pirate Bay treatment


JackA$$ Judge

OMFG Michael you are my Hero of the hour here :) I feel you hit the nail on the head so Im gonna add my 10 cents worth as well. :)

I think there are many things people need to do prior to making comments on various topics.

1. Read the article as well as related articles so you know what it is about.

2. Understand that Laws and Social trends differ from Country to Country, State to State and city to city.

3. The U.S. Government has NO jurisdiction outside the U.S. They try to make you think they do but its just part of the Governments Arrogant American Attitude.

POINT: Based on U.S. Laws The site Wikileaks.org regardless if the posted information is True or not has not engaged in any Crime.

OK now at least in the U.S. Censorship is a no no even thought it does happen.

This Judge White has made a clearly unconstitutional order. Judge White is a Bush apointed judge and I would guess has a "Ill do whatever I want" attitude. Its a trend in the Bush administration and those Bush has apointed to various positions.

I have yet to find any case law that allows this Judge to order DNS modifications and feel this order will be reversed soon. The Judges earlier order had no legal standing since it was directed to involved parties outside the U.S. and this nitwit Judge has NO authority outside the U.S. regardless what he thinks.

I think the Urgent message this story and issue with Wikileaks.org is people need to be concerned with is not whats on the site, if its true or not but the fact that once again the U.S. Government is sticking its nose in places it has No business, trying to claim jurisdiction worldwide ( the U.S. fails to understandbut that the jurisdiction boundries stop at the U.S. border) and continue to violate the Constitutional Rights of Americans.

In the U.S. I actually have the right to say, print or otherwise make a statement like "Judge White is a missinformed arrogant F#$KER who seems to have a mental disorder" and to censor that is Illegal. Judge White however could take me to "Civil Court" if my statement was false however making that statement in no way is a Crime.

I know everyone sees things in a variety of ways and to me, I could give a rats a$$ about what "Documents" were on the site, if they were seceret, stolen, leaked or false, Im looking at the ILLEGAL actions that was used by a Jackass Judge to try to have them removed.

There ya go, thats my extended rant.



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