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People have no bloody idea about saving energy


@ David Webb

With regards to the drying reference, I think it was highlighting a common misconception unearthed by the survey.

People thought that they were saving more energy by washing at 60 degrees and air drying their clothes.

When in fact, more energy would have been saved by washing their clothes at 30 and using the tumble dryer.

Obviously for the biggest saving wash at 30 and air dry...

It was just highlighting that people don't understand the energy usage of their appliances.


73% of Brits too shagged for a shag


Change in Law

Time for an efficient and calculated response.

Convincing the majority of adults that fall into this category that they need to change their life style is difficult/impossible. Getting them to actually implement change is a whole new animal.

Write them off like a bad debt. I’m not saying remove all support, however I think the focus of any additional resources should be diverted.

2 points:

1. Most children don’t really understand nutrition and how what they eat effect’s their body.

2. Most children have no control over the food they are given.


1. Improve curriculum based lessons aimed at educating children about the reaction their bodies have to food.

2. New law: Allowing your child to become obese can be regarded as child abuse (in come social services). – It’s just as bad if not worse than hitting a child. There can be a reporting mechanism in place for teachers to notify the authorities should they feel the need.

3. Children MUST not skip out on PE lessons. Why is the reaction different for a student skipping a PE lesson compared to a maths lesson. There are great advances being made in the provision of physical activity (rather than the traditional sport). The old arguments are losing any credibility they used to have.


Scareware package mimics Windows Blue Screen of Death



Can f11 be automatically triggered? if so it would then look realistic to the ignorant


Privacy watchdog bashes UK.gov net snoop plan



Rite then, about time I suscribed to a VPN service.


Brothel funds NZ lad's Olympic dream

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Rest of the cash

There is a lot more involved in competing at an Olympic level outside of the 2 weeks your there.

He would have been preparing for the event years in advance and probably moving towards a full time training programme in the 12 months prior to the event.

The sort of dedication required to compete (never mind medal) at that level would have probably meant quitting his day job.

So the cost was probably calculated over a 1-4 year period.

This could include:


Gym membership


Travel (for Tournaments)

Accommodation (for Tournaments)

Training camps

Specialist diet (athletes diets are expensive)

Specialist advice (dietician, sports psychologist, bio mechanics)


Training equipment

The list could go on.

Don’t get me started on the UK’s approach to sports funding.... to late

The top 5 sports for LOTTERY funding (not in any order):





Cycling (road not mountain bike)

It’s a disgrace and not representative of modern Britain.

1. How many people know someone who has ever competed in a rowing/sailing/cycling event?

2. The majority of people who subscribe to the lottery are working class. Rowing, sailing and cycling are sports reserved for the middle and upper classes due to cost of participation.

Good on the guy, wish i could find a solution to fund my sporting career


Why would anyone run their own base station?


Andrew Hurdle

You may have tested them, but you're on the pay role. Bugger off!

"Firstly something people havent mentioned is that the battery life on your mobile is much better with a femto in the house"

Your in the house... who cares... plug it in!

"Now Im at home I get crystal clear phone calls, and high speed data making the phone apps far more usable."

Clear phone call's ill give you. That's the only bonus i see from these devices.

Phone apps??? turn on you PC/Mac/laptop/netbook

"In fact on both my N95 and iPhone data via Femto 3G is quicker than using wifi"

How is that when you rely on the very same source of data (broadband connection)? If your phone is accessing data faster on 3g than Wi-Fi, look for a different handset. Then stop being a tool and use a computer because just like the charging issue... YOUR AT HOME!


Hero: HTC names third Android smartphone


@Simon Banyard

Agree, would like to hear more thoughts and comments on the HTC Hero not the other handsets.

I'd have to say though, the looks alone wouldn't put me off. I'm more concerned about the functionality.

I'm not upto date with the Android OS and it's ability to handle additional apps. How are they distributed and installed? are they any good?


Canonical certs Ubuntu on ProLiants


@ Goat Jam

Do they have sarcasm where you come from?


Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan


boo hiss

The usual list of complaints associated with articles that promote an organisation's goal rather than sensible debate.

1. ‘evidence’ is a strong word. More appropriate would be ‘research which suggests’

2. Does this research establish cause and effect? Do ‘sexual deviants’ look at extreme porn… or does extreme porn create sexual deviants?

3. Porn addiction brought on by ease of access via the internet… where to start with this one. So is it now all porn or just extreme porn their targeting? How many ‘couples’ are complaining of this? Is it one person or both ‘parties’ that are coming forward? Has one been caught watching porn and gone “um…er… IT’S AN ADDICTION I swear… once a month and on birthdays is fine for me… please just give me an easy life!”?

So UK.gov what is bad for me next week? Accessing the periodic table online, because I may be able to work out how to build a bomb?

The ususal list of complaints assosiated with articles that promote an organisation's goal rather than sensible debate.


iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know



Excellent, thank you O2/Apple, you've helped me make what was becoming a difficult decision.

I was stuck between an iPhone, Palm Pre and a HTC Diamond.

With those steep pricing packages on the iPhone (not to mention the BS way you are treating current customers with a complete lack of support for current loyal users), I’d say it’s a safe bet O2 will try to implement the same level of extortion on the Palm Pre. I’m now free to haggle a good deal on the HTC Diamond (or suitable other) on my Orange contract in Sept.

Wow that was close… I was about to buy into my first apple product… Thanks for making me think straight again,

/me wipes sweat from brow


Welsh Tories ask taxpayers to pick up iPod tab



What gets me is that they haven't gone for little 4/8 gig ipods that could be excused as they may need to listen to political podcasts for example.

They've paid £199 for each iPod. They went and got the 160gb models. What MP is going to have 160Gb of content related to work to put on that? ok we'll let tham have a few 'leagal' songs as well. They sure as hell will have no idea how to get the 11 o'clock news on to the thing!

I'd like to bet these went straight to little Timmy who uses his dad's government funded broadband connection to fill the thing with movies, music and porn


Santa booted from iPhone app store

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Ok, the total miss management of a software project aside!

A few bits and bobs.

1)When I was a kid and 1st heard this song I couldn’t stop laughing I thought it was brilliant and a great change from all the other stuff played in the shops my mum dragged me around

2)No I didn’t wish ill of my grandparents and knew it was just a song

3)If a child is young enough to get offended by this song… What the hell are they doing with an iPhone?

4)An iPhone offers a gateway to much more offensive material than “grandma got run over by a reindeer”.

I bet these are the parents that order their kids McDonalds without any sauce and a diet coke... Get a grip on reality!


American 'football' goes 3D



@ TheOtherMe

Don't confuse the Welsh with the English, the Wallabies beat England and lost to Wales.


Doctors back more tax on booze


where or where to start.

Well seeing as all the major points have been covered like where the hell did they get those stats from (was it a poll of people who died from alcohol asking if their pint cost £2.20 instead of £2.00 would they still be alive?), the majority of europe is cheaper with younger/more relaxed drinking laws yet less of a problem, and what is this doctor fella doing?

Well there is one thing i'd like to add, people will continue to drink the same amount, they'll pay more. They'll just not buy fresh vegetables and go for the 2for1 frozen pizza, skip the gym membership and put off buying those new jeans. The price rise will leave people with less money for healthy living and stop people spending money elswhere in the economy.

Fire symbol because the mobs will be coming with torches for you doc


Ban booze in supermarkets, says health adviser


No supermarket booze means higher prices...

If supermarkets stop selling booze then prices across the board will go up. All that means is that people will still drink the same, but have less money leftover for healthy food (because it’s more expensive than crap… go figure?), gym membership and other leisure activities. I know at this point in my life I’d be one of them. Way to go, you have just made me a fat, unfit and unhealthy middle aged man!

I’d have to agree that super markets are the toughest on ID’ing I’ve come acrosse. I’m 23 (probably look about 21/22) and get ID’d every time in Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc. But never have a problem with pubs or off licences.



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