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Finland censors anti-censorship site

Hessu Hopo

Censorship explained

To understand the mechanics of the cencorship in Finland better, one could read all the comments to the blogs in the Washington Post Finland diary. There is lots.


I will try to keep it short here:

To become a politician in the big three parties, one signs agreement to follow the party lines.

Ever since 1600's, Finland has de facto been part of Sweden. They sent the people they did not want to be there, here. They took power and still have.

There has been huge censorship in the matter of language politics for years now.

As in former communist east Europe, people have to study Swedish (for them, it was Russian, which is a big language with exemplary literature) - and nobody would like to. So to be a politician, one agrees to this. Simply put, only the corrupt and the stupid want to go to politics in Finland.

What has happened, Finland has taken the bad sides of Swedish (or German, Dutch) socialdemocracy but not the good. The state health care is the worst of all surveyed by OECD, has the biggest difference between the poor and the rich. The social offices often do take away the children to institutions for no reason, but do not give the money as in other countries, for parents to take care of them.

Obviously all this idiocracy costs millions and millions to the economy but criticism is nowhere to be found in the media, mostly the people working there/owning the media have ties to the big three parties so critisizing is not really allowed.

This is a new development that someone opposing child pornography (who explains in Finnish in his pages that he has sent adresses of child porn sites to the police, who chose to do nothing about the children being raped) who has nothing to do with what I explained above, would have to go to the police to explain his actions. Though he has nothing to worry about since he got into Cnet and The register - the police are not stupid, but usually they just do not care. Someone probably ordered them to accuse him so they did. But they care about PR so he's safe. And if not, he can always emigrate, IT pros are needed round the world and get better pay in most countries, compared to Finland.

The ministers, former minister Huovinen and recent one Linden are the ones to blame for this new development. Apparently this blocking was copied from the other Nordic countries, they copy the bad things, not the good things.



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