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SA copper thieves bid for Darwin glory

Adrien DuPreez

Not an everyday occurrence....

...only every other day. The SA phone company stops replacing overhead copper cables once they get stolen 3 times within a year, and just issues a credit for the full amount of the monthly subscription fees. No one in our area has had a land-line for the last year or so (although we allegedly made 20 minutes worth of calls two months ago, but that is another story most likely involving alligator clips and phone company staff)

Mobile phones to save airlines, by exposing passengers

Adrien DuPreez

Just a ploy to have less active phones around the airport

I'd say this is just a ploy from the operators to reclaim some bandwidth around airports. Traditionally airports have one of the highest cellphone/sq.mile concentrations; if one can annoy half of the travellers into switching off their phones voluntarily, the number of base stations can be halved. Nice saving.

Mine's the one with the antique pager in the pocket.

Jedi to open Surrey academy

Adrien DuPreez

@Neil Hoskins

If any census needs to know my religion, I religiously believe in Murphy's law. Therefore religion gets marked as 'Murphist'

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