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Texting peer gets prison

Ian C

Apologies all

I assumed that there was an understanding of the odd black sense of humour on here, so compounded by the inability of most drivers to look out for pedestrians I shall go back to my cave. Toodle pip.

Ian C

As a pedestrian...

I'd love to see a law that replaced air-bags with huge bloody spikes. Then at least the roads would be emptier of one idiotic driver after every crash.

C dominated 2008's open-source project nursery

Ian C

re: When can we dump C & use modern techniques?

Perhaps when modern engineers can code for toffee?

Without being bitten on the backside by the damned machine actually doing what you ask, I've had the misfortune to see some truly hideous "working" code.

At least bad C code has a tendency to cause nasal demons, which are easily cured with the appropriate balms.

Police told: Delete old criminal records

Ian C

RE: Old Records - Yes, DNA - No

The problem with keeping innocent DNA on the database is that it's incredibly easy to pick up DNA from random sources.

Going back some 4 years or so, I was on a course where the head of Manchester's Forensic Dept was taking us for a lecture and detailing a new DNA amplification technique they tried on a sandwich someone had taken a bite from.

They were somewhat surprised when the baker's DNA turned up.

From there, it's easy to imagine that if the baker is in the database the police have an easy slam-dunk, as the public knows from the TV that DNA is infallible.

Oldham murders owl with whalesong

Ian C
Dead Vulture

It's Chaddy I feel sorry for...

Chaddy is going to look an idiot next season at Boundary Park dressed as a walking RAF insignia, rather than an owl...

Mozilla opens the doors on Messaging subsidiary

Ian C


Never mind your coat; it's glasses you need! Thunderbird 1 came out of the pool.

I'll get my coat while you're returning yours.

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