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Boffin seeks US Blu-ray, mobile phone import ban


to J

Well thanks so much for that useful contribution... What exactly turned you off about that 'it is my impression' comment? It must be so much fun to be so clever as you, and to put that wit to such good uses. What are your influences? ... Foucault..? no- Baudrillard..? Gosh.. so impressive.

Giant PC outsourcer throws in the towel

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PC Chips not so bad

I have to agree about Foxconn motherboards - I've fallen for seemingly good deals a few times on these and they have mostly been unreliable. Same goes for their fans. I've seen some Foxconn nice cases though. I think Foxconn make a lot of Dell boards also.. and I don't their boards are any worse than average

But PC-Chips have been loads better these last few years than say 7 years ago when most of their boards were right old duffers.

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