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Hitachi to go it alone on discs after all

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MTBF means...

And drives all have a stated MTBF. This mean that it is EXPECTED that drives should fail.

Yes, there've been issues with manufacturer A or brand B and bad models/batches of drive have been made by everyone.

But remember, all these things are expected to fail at some point!

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Amazon's cloud now less prone to failure

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Nothing new about Elastic IPs

There's nothing new in the Elastic IP deal apart from how they charge for it.

Compaq Tru64 clusters had "application IPs" which moved from node to node as the resources were moved. We were using this technology 10 or more years ago.

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Porsche to challenge London CO2 penalty in court

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Treat 4x4 as trucks

ok - So there are legitimate uses for 4x4's. Farmers etc etc.


They can't be registered at a metropolitan address.

They have a reduced speed limit as per trucks.

The police enforce this.

These allow people who genuinely have a need for them to drive them, but severely inconvenience the Porsche Cayenne owners out there!

You'd have to think about how you apply this - Maybe on a Kerb Weight basis? Over 2 tonnes and up you go? That would catch Rolls' as well, so there would have to be other criteria, such as being 4WD. That would also exclude the "light 4x4's" like the RAV4 and Subaru's, which is fine from my perspective.

That'll take a few of those Chelsea tractors off the road.



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