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HP's Linux sub-notebook spied on web


Still waiting for a 10in screen

Nice work HP, but I have to wonder why so much of the upper lid is wasted. You could have sealed my purchase by using for a larger screen..

FWIW, I'm still using an old Sony NV505VE, with a 10.5in diagonal and 13/16in height. The form factor is idea, and the weight is also under 3lbs. Had to replace the battery of course, and install Ubuntu to work with only 200MB RAM, but other than that, and the speed (333MHz), it works for everything a road warrior needs.

I will say that even at 2.8lbs it was difficult to carry through India due only to the external power adapter. I've never needed speakers, CD/DVD, or any peripherials other than the VGA port, 802.11, ethernet, and Bluetooth (pccards).

I'll continue to wait for that sweet spot in the sublaptop market, with a 10in screen and <3lb weight since I know it'll be here in the next year or two. If not from ASUS or HP then possibly Casio or Sony.



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