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Huawei goes all Art of War on us: Switches on 'battle mode' and vows to 'dominate the world'


Re: no longer required US components

" it'll be a Huawei " An up vote for you Sir, and may I just add, "I had a good look at a Huawei yesterday, and ordered my P 30 pro today."

Elon Musk's new idea is to hook your noggin up to an AI – but is he just insane about the brain?


Re: Too small...

'Surface Detail' is indeed correct, but it wasn't a torture device, it was an indestructible memory. disguised as an all body covering tattoo.

Hongmeng, there's no need to feel down: It's patently obvious this is Huawei's homegrown mobe OS


Re: "hybrid Android"

'this is a disaster' WHO in hell said it's a disaster?


Will someone please tell Huawei!

If they would like to make that, one million and one people testing their new OS. All they have to do is send me a P10. with it installed. As I am perfectly prepared to test it in daily use for a few years, for them.

However many back doors it might have, it can't possibly be worse than Android, filled with Google's spy wear.

Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook in crosshairs: Politicos stick monopoly probe into Silicon Valley


Now, now ,now!

There's no need whatsoever for any investigations! This is just perfectly normal American (mainly) corporate greed. Only fools give competitors a fair chance, or pay taxes.

LibreOffice 6.3 hits beta, with built-in redaction tool for sharing those █████ documents


Works well.

I use LibreOffic, on Linux 4.15, most days, as a author, well I think I'm an author. Never have any serious problems even with alternate headers, footers, page brakes, page numbers, chapter indexing, and all the other formatting that is required by the printers. And believe me, E. books are even worse. Although I must admit one thing, its spell checker in English English, does have some strange ideas sometimes.

US foreign minister Mike Pompeo to give UK a bollocking over Huawei 5G plans


Is on course to totally fail by re-election time

Trump may be on course to loose the next election, but anyone who thinks loosing an election, will get the Trumps out of the White House is dreaming.

Huawei, Huawei. Huawei, Huawei. Feeling hot, hot, hot: US threatens to cut UK from intel sharing over Chinese tech giant


Quite right too.

Britain will soon be safely out of Europe, and away from all it's bad influences. The sooner it learns to behave its self, and knuckle down to doing as its told, by the best, and greatest country in the world. A country that has now been blessed by god, to have the greatest President that has ever lived. Then the better it will be for all the little Brits, maybe?

Centrica: Server fault on Wednesday caused Hive to crash on the Tuesday. Yes, yes, that's what we said



Hive, do not deserve any criticism whatsoever, they are simply following President Trump's standing procedure when things go wrong. Blame someone else, however unreasonable that may seem.

Phased out: IT architect plugs hole in clean-freak admin's wiring design


Re: Plot twist? What plot twist?

"Unusual to have 3 phase in domestic premises."

You clearly don't live in Belgium! Our house built in the 1950s runs on 240v 3 phase 15A, and we consider that an improvement! As until a few years ago it was on the original 110v Split phase!

Linux kernel 4.18 delayed: Bug ate my rc7, says Linus Torvalds


Re: Linus should really learn from Microsoft

(Linux is not Unix.)

You are right, it is certainly not!

It is the clever child, of the clever child, of the clever child, of the clever child, of the clever child, of the clever child,-----------------, of Unix.

Google nukes military AI, Amazon happy touting Rekognition to police, and much more


Professional writers should not make this mistake?

"it’s god awful stock photos."

"its" Possessive correct.

"it's" Contraction of "it is".

Or Contraction of "it has" (Informal.)

What's the problem?

Muzzle our public watchdog much? UK.gov Data Protection Bill adds affect the ICO


Very true. Which is why Chairman May-----

Just what makes you think, you'll have to wait twenty years?

FTC Commissioner refuses to budge until Trump fulfills promises


Re: Incompetence

Sorry to disappoint you, but getting Trump into the White House was one thing, and getting him out is another.

He sees himself as the founding member of the Trump Presidential Dynasty, and has no intention of leaving at all, never mind any time soon!

One might say, the Americans have been hooked, line and sinker.

Ubuntu wants to slurp PCs' vital statistics – even location – with new desktop installs


Re: User needs

"Windows users like your mum and dad don't know anything else and/or generally wont/don't care."

Hay! I'm a Linux user, I do admit it's not Ubuntu. And I'm well the wrong side of 70, a Dad, and a Granddad, and this year will become a Great Granddad as well! So there you youngsters!

1,000 jobs on the line at BAE Systems' Lancashire plants – reports


Re: Europe

An up vote for you sir.

I'm just very pleased I did so, many years ago . Had some ups and downs over here. but never really wanted to move back to Little England. Now with (.....x) I'm so pleased I never did!

User thanked IT department for fast new server, but it had never left its box


Re: Praise or accusations of work not done?

Well, In my service department a simple entry at the bottom of the ticket of "NFF" which if the client asked stood for "No Fault Found" But if the item was then returned to us, the next engineer knew that previously it had "No Fucking Fault". Therefore a long soak test was required, maybe a week, before returning it to the client.

'Real' people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary


For fuck sake just tell her to read George Orwell's 1984!

Or has she already done so?

UK Snoopers' Charter gagging order drafted for London Internet Exchange directors


Re: STASI Dead and Buried? Err...No!

An up-vote for you sir/madam, I do not usually up-vote an Anonymous.

This however I am very sad to say, is so damed right.

How do you make a qubit 10 times as stable? Dress it up for work


Re: Goddammit El Reg

(A qubit is either a 0 or a 1. However, you don't know which it is until a cat looks at it. My years of reading El Reg have given me some insight into advanced physics.)

You are quite right Sir, I also have studied at the University EL Reg, so an upvote for you.

However you do undoubtedly need to remember:-

The cat must always look sideways at the qubit, otherwise it will not see what it is, and what's more what it is, won't be what it was, and what it was, wont be what it will be.

French submarine builder DCNS springs leak: India investigates


Funny how India can spend billions on subs

I agree entirely with the sentiment of you statement! But with one long border with Pakistan and another with China, parts of both are disputed from time to time, Well, I think sadly, military spending for them is probably quite important.

Mathematician: sunspot could mean mini ice age from 2030


Re: This good be good news or bad news.....

An up vote for you Sir/Madam, very nice to read something about climate change, that is actually sensible! We all know that the Earths Climate has always been changing, for one reason or another.

I have no doubt it will continue to do so whatever we do. It's not to be denied that cleaning up our act is a very good idea.

It's FREE WINDOWS 10 time: 29 July is D-Day, yells Microsoft


Windows 10?

Well if windows is running to form:-

XP Good.

Vista Rubbish.

7 Good.

8 Rubbish.

10 Good?

Well, lets wait and see, at least that's what I'll be doing!

BARMY bio-boffins are growing DINOSAUR SNOUTS on CHICKENS


Re: Whilst I obviously welcome our Dino-chicken overlords...

An up-vote for the Little Mouse.

I was trying desperately to remember the name of that excellent short story by Asimov.

FCC: Thanks for the concern, telcos, but we're not delaying Open Internet rules



Sadly this is doomed simply, the telcos have enough money to ''acquire'' enough votes in the house of congress to destroy it.

Well, it will be money very well spent for them.

Incomprehensible boffins bring quantum computers a step closer


'' a small electrode placed above the atom.”

'' a small electrode placed above the atom.”

May I put this forward as the best understatement in 2015., well, so far?

GSMA: Er, sorry about that MWC brothel ad with our logo

Thumb Up

Re: Exploitation?

Just an up vote for you sir!

Humanity can defeat SkyNet with BOOKS, says IT think tank


Re: more titles

I find it difficult to understand why, Asimov who wrote so much about robots, has not been mentioned yet.

Or is his idea of robots just too pro AI/robots?

Google says NYET! to Putin, pulls techies out of Russia – report


What total rubbish!!

"It will all come down to the endless battle between profits and principles."

What total rubbish, within Google their is no battle between profits and principles.

Profit won that battle a long time ago, principles today, are all well and truly dead and buried!

Apple's new iPADS have begun the WAR that will OVERTURN the NETWORK WORLD


Re: The simple way to avoid this..

"They would immediately fall afoul of competition law."

Well, in Belgium it is all ready illegal to sell a locked phone!

That doesn't mean Apple & Google wouldn't get a special dispensation though.

Leaked: Mobile operators' SCARE campaign against net neutrality


A good strategy?

An up vote for you Sir, as you are right.

Sadly though, they could well win with this sort of strategy.

Just think what the Daily Mail can make of this, "save the children," is right up their street.

You must know, everyone believes, every thing, that is printed in the Daily Mail.

Beer in SPAAAACE: Photographic PROOF


Best Beer?

Well, until recently I always thought English beer to be the best in the world, "Horndeen Special Brew" was always one of my favorites. I have tried more than a few others in several different countries over the last 30 years.

Now though, having arrived, and settled in Belgium by a rather roundabout route, I can now assure you all, that for pure choice, flavor, alcohol content, and sheer enjoyment, Belgium beers are the best in the world.

One might also note, the delightful glass that it is always, carefully served in, whatever the establishment that you may be in?

Europol picks Brit to lead new international cybercrime taskforce


Re: Permanent Pilot

"How does that work then?"

A very good question indeed, I do so hope everyone can speak French fluently.

Otherwise every word written or spoken, from "Good morning" onwards will just have to be translated by an official translator, into all six languages.

Six months will soon pass.

New Snowden leak: How NSA shared 850-billion-plus metadata records


As the old saying goes.

They're all terrorist you know,

except thee and me,

but not too sure about thee lately.

Pictures of elite 'Chinese military hacker' published


Wongs or wrongs?

Wongs or wrongs? But you are right, sadly so many governments and silly religions seem to think two wrongs do make a right.

I wonder is that just sad, or stupid as well?

Beer icon, well it's late, good night.

Is the answer to life, the universe and everything hidden in Adams' newly uncovered archive?


Re: The ultimate question of life the universe and everything. (thx1138v2)


So, how many mice are needed to screw in a light bulb?

A:- 10

Net neutrality foes outspent backers by over three to one – and that's just so far


"Hardly seems to be a fair fight, eh?"

"Hardly seems to be a fair fight, eh? That is, if you believe lawmakers can be bought ..."

Well, well, well, don't you understand, this is the great American way in the great USA.

Government of the people, by the rich and powerful, for the rich and powerful.

It's simple enough, what is there not to understand, you just have to accept, and get used to it.

It's a done deal! Microsoft-Nokia merger to close on Friday


Congratulations, and well done!

Now a big welcome home for Stephen Elop, that's mission accomplished in grand style.

Congratulations all round.

Backdoor snoops can access files on your Samsung phone via the cell network – claim


"Back door" = "Security weakness"

Er, isn't a "Back door" a "Security weakness".

Unless that is, it's firmly locked?

Zaphod Beeblebrox style third arm cyborg prosthesis unveiled



I am sure that more than one mother would find it useful.

An extra arm holding a fast moving stick, could well work wonders at bedtime!

Bill Gates to pull a Steve Jobs and SAVE MICROSOFT – report

Thumb Up

Re: @John

An up-vote for you Sir, after about 6 lines, I skipped the rest.

Bletchley Park spat 'halts work on rare German cipher machine'


Re: So I wonder if anyone...

Well you know, were that to happen, their might just be a knighthood for someone.

After all, saving all that funny old equipment, from those awful geeky people in that museum, must count as a service to the country.

DOOMSDAY still just MINUTES AWAY: As it has been since 1947

Black Helicopters


"outsized nuclear arsenals remain in the United States and Russia, and the nuclear arsenals of some countries — notably India, Pakistan, and China — appear to be growing"

Did you actually forget to mention Israel, or are we all just not supposed to?

Mars One's certain-death space jolly shortlists 1,000 wannabe explorers


Re: What is wrong with you people ??

"...Wish I knew how to do italics and bold..."

Ha, Watson, it is clear schich has never actually learned to do basic HTML.

I therefor deduce he originally came from a small settlement in outer Mongolia, and is in fact the Yacks milk thief we have been searching for!

Snowden to warn Brits on Xmas telly: Your children will NEVER have privacy


Re: Yawn

Yes,you are right, I lived with the cold war and the IRA, and close enough to hear the bangs, more than once.

Most of us survived both, and without all this shit that is going down now.

Just remember, " Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." and that was said by a Yank! "Benjamin Franklin"

What a bloody sad joke that seems to be today!

NSA-proof Euro cloud gang: Cool idea, bro... until it turns into MARKET-EATING beast


Re: NSA-proof Euro cloud

Hi Terry.

"Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money."

Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Found at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/marcustull165873.html#sQv21KUHcDOCEfoL.99

UK.gov declares digital success as PR, food shops redefined as 'tech' businesses


Re: I've redefined dog poop as steak.

Yes, so you are the culprit!

Lately I've been getting a few stakes that taste like dog poop.

Climate change makes phones obsolete: ITU


Re: Well doh!

An up-vote for you sir, as you are right, and as for.

"As every schoolboy knows, or used to know, you can even build an AM receiver that works with no batteries at all.)"

Been there, and did that, although the transmitter did need a battery, but otherwise nearly as simple.


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