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BBC commercial tentacle confirms iTunes store push

Andrew K
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Ideally of course it would all be free in the UK but if you look at the iPlayer they have to have restrictions on there because of contractual arrangements with the programme makers. It's quite possible that DRM could be used to offer free time-limited downloads through iTunes but you'd have to pay for copies that you can keep just like you do with DVDs. It could be argued that we shouldn't pay for BBC DVDs except for manufacturing and packaging costs but no-one seriously argues that.

Personally I'd like to see the license fee reduced significantly and the number of channels reduced so there's less waste and repeats. Other revenue streams such as downloads can then be used.

Andrew K
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@Anonymous Coward

I can assure you that there were many Mac users, myself included, who lobbied the BBC and the Trust to offer cross-platform support for the iPlayer. It was a campaign widely covered in Mac publications online and offline.

I personally wouldn't buy tv shows through the iTunes Store because of the prices but I still think it's good that the choice is there.

Can someone clarify the situation with DRM? If there is no DRM with these downloads then they aren't tied to iTunes, QuickTime and Apple approved devices as some to think. If they do contain DRM then at least in many ways it's more widely supported DRM than MS's.

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