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Home Office opens sex offender files in pilot scheme

Jackie Sparling

@annonymous coward

Trust me when I tell you the registry isn't a deterrent. In the U.S., studies show that 95% of newly reported sex crimes are perpetrated by people who are NOT ON the registry, and have no criminal history.

Just as the residency restrictions don't do a thing to protect children, the registry is useless as well.

Studies clearly show that if a person is Hell bent on offending, they WILL offend no matter where they live or if their name is on a list in some database somewhere.

People in America actually seem to believe that offenders (restriction is 1000 ft. from a school) who live 1002 ft. away, are too lazy to walk the extra 2 ft. for a victim.

You have the lists, yes, the registeries, yes...but until now they have not been made public. THAT's what you need to stop.

Jackie Sparling

@ night troll

I understand...but you, the people can stop this dead in it's tracks if you really want to.


*We are NOT stupid.

**If you come up with stupid laws, we will vote you out and make you get a real job.

The citizens in our country were asleep at the wheel, you see. We actually never thought about the rammifications of allowing this registry, because we were told it would be for LAW ENFORCEMENT eyes only, and it would house the names of only the most heinous, violent child predators or rapists (adult).

It got out of control so quickly most didn't see it coming.

America is no longer the land of the free OR the brave. We have states that now have a Violent Offender Registry. This houses anyone who's committed an assault against another. Could be anything from someone being hurt in a bar brawl to a murderer. It always starts out as THE WORST OF THE WORST, and the next thing you know everybody and their brother is on it. We also have some states with a Methamphetamine users/producers/dealers Registry. What's next? Why not put EVERYONE on a list and put all of their faults beside their names...

Joe Blow - picks his nose in public, is rude to his mother-in-law, and drinks.

It might sound absurd. But so did what I'm already seeing on lists in the states.

Don't let them get away with this...I'm telling you, you will live to regret it. Almost everyone I know, and meet and talk to about this subject has SOMEONE they know or are related to on this registry, including myself.

The really sad part of all of this is that the registry is actually detrimental to the safety of children. The politicians and the american media have the public believing there's a boogeyman behind every bush. They are constantly encouraging them to get on line and check out the registry, make sure your neighbor isn't one of those perverts. While the parent is doing that, the boogeyman (in the form of old Uncle Joe) is in the back bedroom messing with their kid. It gives parents a FALSE SENSE of SECURITY.

Just let the powers that be know that you are not for this invasion of ANYONE's privacy. If the sex offender is so dangerous that we need to put them on lists, then they shouldn't have ever been released from jail to begin with.

We've had vigilante murders over here. One man came all the way from Canada, using the registry, and knocked on two different house's doors and blasted the men who opened them. Neither one of these men were "kiddie fidlers", they'd both been charged with and done time for STATUTORY RAPE, meaning they were over 18 and their girlfriends were 15 or 16, I can't remember which. Most recently we had the WIFE of a man arrested for and charged with having child pornography on his computer, burned to death in their home. A fire set by two men who were their neighbors. The offender got out, the wife couldn't be reached and died in the fire. The incidences of vigilantism are growing in this country.


Jackie Sparling

Allowing Access to Sex Offender Information

As a citizen of the United States from the beginning of the Sex Offender Registries until now, I must say that it was a grave mistake for our country to open this pandora's box.

While the registry was created from the best of intentions, it has created an absolute nightmare in the States. I can tell you right now that it will start as what was described in the article. Only the violent, predatorial offenders will be affected by this. But it will be no time at all before anyone and everyone who has ever been convicted of anything even remotely connected to a sex act will be on this registry. Once your Country determines that it's a popular thing (come on, who doesn't like "gossip" or to know the dirt on someone else? It's human nature) and that they can make money off of it, they will quickly widen the net and no one will be safe.

In the U.S. there are CHILDREN on this list now. CHILDREN!! As if our citizens have lost their collective minds, and have forgotten that children WILL experiment, and some start at very young ages. No one remembers "playing doctor?" I guess I'm the only one who will admit to it, and I was in early elementary school when I first played the game.

Please, I beg of you, study the mess this has created in the United States and LEARN from it. Once this ball starts rolling downhill there's no stopping it. Millions of people's lives ruined for having had CONSENSUAL sex at 18 with 16 year old girlfriends, because they are on this blasted registry. They can't get housing, they can't get work, they can't survive, and most of them have children of their own who are now suffering.

Yes, I realize that this article isn't talking about a registry available to the public...BUT, that's how ours started out as well. As soon as our politicians saw that the public was slobbering for this information and that to get elected OR re-elected, all they had to do was say, "Elect me and I will make sex offenders walk on their hands for the rest of their lives (so they can't touch anyone)" and they were a shoe in to win, more and more utterly ridiculously absurd laws as well as the registry being widened to include everyone and giving everyone access to it over the internet became a reality.

Expert after expert in this field have told the American Government that not only do these laws NOT work, they are detrimental to children, yet they don't listen and keep trying to outdo themselves by coming up with more.

They have created hysteria in my country, and it will happen in yours as well, if you don't keep your heads.

Your children are not in any real danger from strangers. They are in danger from people you know, your own family members are more likely to sexually abuse your child than anyone you could find on any registry.

Research for yourselves. Educate yourselves. Don't be swallowed up by this trap, and that's exactly what it is. It's quicksand that will suck you down so quickly you won't have time to catch a breath before going under.

Study the U.S. and learn from our mistakes. All of these, not only worthless, but EXTREMELY HARMFUL laws and gadgets the government came up with are costing our citizens MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars to implement.

Please don't follow in our footsteps.



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