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How big an eco-hazard is IT equipment?

Angus McAllister
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@John Arthur

Zero watt standby does consume less energy overall than active standby. Even though you need to charge the capacitor, once it's charged (1 second or so), it's charged. Finito. No more juice needed. So if the device sits on standby for 14 hours, it's consuming Z-E-R-O watts. Whereas it's active equivalent is still chewing away at x hundred (or thousand) milliWatts.

True, capacitor manufacture does involve a bit more energy - but seriousy, how much?

And granted, in the grand scheme of things this is a veritable drop in the primordial soup, compared with 100W incandescent bulbs (sss, sign of the cross).

Paris, 'cos she went green by sharing accommodation with several thousand other inmates for a bit.


Sun turns to Neil Diamond for Amazon utility 'killer'

Angus McAllister

It's the vertical market appeal

Sun's offering just isn't tangible enough to online retail startups. Whereas when they look at what Amazon does - successfully - and is offering to help the startups do, the connection is obvious and very appealing.

Who wouldn't trust a company that's done it all before, in large measure, in your sector of business, after they've been through the pain and learned the lessons?



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