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Our Moon is wet and welcoming, says excited NASA


But I thought it was obvious?????

The moon is made of cheese after all... why am I the only one to not be surprised in any way by the fact that cheese contains water?

Mighty hard-sums special function toolset goes online


Bravo! and well said.

This is the kind of article that I visit the reg for..

Never have I snorted milk from my nose so often while reading an informative newspiece, and I haven't drunk milk for 15 years now.

Please, please somebody chain this man to a desk in el reg for eternity, so that these may continue.

Warning sounded over black hole in UK physics teaching


@ Here's the problem By KarlTh

Sod physics teaching.....

..... where can I sign up to become a boffin - that has been my lifelong dream... (and this is actually true - I look damn good in a white coat, spewing out inventions and stuff)

[mine's the white one with a sonic screwdriver in the pocket]

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Paris Hilton

My 2 cents on this

I thought I might as well add my say to this as well.

I have been with Virgin Cable for a few years now, since I was able to move into a cable enabled area. I have since had opportunities for being given many ADSL services via a BT line, but have turned them down due to the stability and speed of my beloved cable connection.

The evening throttling is very annoying to me as that's when I like to do my linux installs and stuff, and actually use most of my bandwidth legitimately - so the throttle does get me, but I have to say with the use of an internal proxy, the effects are less noticeable than you might think, not to mention that there is still no upper limit and they are not hiding their limits as much as some other ISPs I have been with in the past - which has resulted in some angry calls to India.

However, as good as they are, the new daytime throttle is the one that will hit me most, as usually I, like other daytime-hoggers, queue my downloads in the morning, so that upon my return from a hard days graft, I can settle down and relax - this now means that I *may* not be able to do this as often - its hard to tell, since the WGA strike there has really been FA to download anyways :)

Virgin - you could do a lot worse.

(Paris - cos we all know she doesn't have limits!)

Enraged vegan spitroasts Reg hack


My first post....

...... but I had to add the fact that my ancestors didnt fight to the top of the food chain to eat lettuce :)

My coat looks somewhat like this, but *is* made from bacon

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