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Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

Scott Manley

This is earthquake country however.

In earthquakes brick buildings fall down.

'The fact that the wood buildings are always left standing should give them a clue to how to rebuild but it never does.'

Ecstasy doesn't make rave-goers any stupider - official

Scott Manley

Drug Free Veteran Raver Checking

'Of course, one might speculate that the mental level of a person who can tolerate being "a member of the 'rave' subculture" without the use of powerful mind-altering chemicals may not be exactly the same as that of the general population. Certainly such people seem to be a tiny minority.'

I've been a 'raver' or dance music fan for almost 25 years (believe it or not the person that introduced me to house music was my dad who used to make me listen to Robbie Vincent's Soul Show) - and in that time I've been awarded degrees in Physics and Astronomy, and Computer science. So, no intellectual slouch am I, however I did drop out of my PhD in astronomy to go off and work in silicon valley, which also has a pretty good 'rave' scene.

And yep, drug free the whole time.

10-year-old girl becomes youngest ever supernova discoverer

Scott Manley

Taking After Parents

My daughter's middle name is Aurora too, she frequently uses it in place of her surname 'Manley' which is a little too masculine for a 6 year old. My son's name is also Orion.

And yes, kids always want to emulate their parents, so I have a pair of kids that love astronomy, Star Wars, play Eve Online instead of Bakugan, and they'll pick up a hammer, saw, or screwdriver to help me around the house.

DivX shutters also-ran cat piano video site

Scott Manley

DivX can't compete with H264

Now that h264 is in flash the supposed technical advantage DivX had is basicly going to evaporate.

I only ever saw links to TV shows that were posted on stage6 without the copywirght holders permission, that was driving their viewer numbers, and they didn't have a solution to fix it.

Big Climate's strange 'science'

Scott Manley
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Astronomers have Studied the Climate For Centuries

In fact, one of the longest records of weather conditions was started at the end of the 18th century at Armagh Observatory

You can download the scans from their site if you like


But I'll tell you that much of my astronomical research focussed on climate change and developing theories of how cosmic events (like killer asteroids) could be responsible for many rapid changes and associated mass extinctions.

So, it's not like a computer scientist designing a bridge, it's more like a computer scientist designing a computer. John, you should follow your own advice and leave climate science to people who actually have real experience.


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