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Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps

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Just a tool

I don't understand why Google Apps is getting bashed. in the end, Google Apps or MS Office are just tools to get a job done. The requirement for an Internet connection is an issue for road warriors, but beyond that I have no complaints. Although I'm certainly annoyed with the file format differences in the new version of Office.

The converters don't work well if you're using Mac Office 2004. I also don't believe in good company / bad company. i'm certainly no fan of MS, I don't like their business practices and I'm not fond of their software, but saying that google is "good" is, well - scary. Give them time...

Anyway, I think they offer a good tool. I'm more concerned about ownership. I thought there were some open questions regarding who owned documents created using Google Apps?

Students win appeal against cyberjihad convictions


AC vs. Susan

What absolute rubbish!

The Japanese were absolutely NOT going to surrender! The military wanted to fight to the last man/woman/child, the Emperor only only overruled them after the 2nd bomb was dropped. Plenty of evidence there... Did you make that up or happen to find some revisionist history book? The deaths due to sanctions are "Saddam's word" totally unverifiable but, lest we forget, had he abided by UN rules, there wouldn't have been sanctions.

About the ONLY place you're in the general vicinity of being right in Dresden, even if you're off by 2 orders of magnitude on casualties. WWII was an ugly horrible affair, Dresden was unnecessary. But if you count bombing an enemy capital as unnecessary during WWII, then there's really nothing I can possible say to that...


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