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US and UK declare red-team cyber war – on each other

Simon Biles

Glad we are focusing on the right things ...

... Cyber War ...

Yeah, my first thought will be to attack the banks - a highly secure environment with shedloads of money to spend on security.

I won't even consider the far more effective targets that would take out power, utilities & health care with underfunded IT departments, 'cos that's not going to have any impact on the population at all ...

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

Simon Biles
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Sorry, but no, just, no.

Uni plagiarism site buckles under crush of last-minute essays

Simon Biles

Plagurism - maybe, maths no ...

"In 2011 Turnitin had over 99.5 per cent uptime – which equates to less than 11 hours of downtime a year"

Ok, unless I'm very much mistaken - 0.5% of a year is 43.8 hours ( 365/100 * 0.5 * 24 ). So someone somewhere can't count. ( Or, more to the point hasn't accounted for planned downtime - which would suggest that if 11 hours is 0.5% of all running time that was planned {22 hours = 1%, 99.5% would be 2189 hours which is only about 25% of the hours in a year ... [ The grand total of 24 * 365 = 8760 hours ] } ).

London Congestion Charge becomes CO2 tax

Simon Biles

More bloody tax ...

Ok, so I pay income tax, road tax, fuel tax, insurance tax and VAT on my car, and because I chose to buy a 4.6 V8 second hand rather than polluting the planet with more production emissions, that has been converted to run on LPG incidentally, but _doesn't_ qualify under the minuscule list that TFL does allow, I now have to pay £25 to drive into London ?? WTF ? How many times does the government get to have a go at my money - something I work for, unlike them ?

Nah, Sod it. I'm just not going to go any more - I'll run up my miles commuting from where I live to somewhere further away but cheaper instead. It's amazing, any Londoner you ask says that the mas is a twat, yet he still gets votes ... I think it's rigged.


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