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Lockheed offers ready-to-go supersoldier exoskeleton

Ben Lewis

The British Version?

Will have a walnut dashboard and Lucas electrics....Don't buy one if it was made on a Friday.

Ex-BT boss off to Alcatel-Lucent

Ben Lewis
Dead Vulture

Things started going downhill at Lucent...

When they sold one of the golf courses and two of the Learjets.

Yet another management change, I have an inbox rule to move them straight to the trash.

They should have gone the whole nine yards and hired Carli Fiorina.

At the time time of the merger I heard someody describe is as "like two garbage trucks crashing head on".

An iPhone with a keyboard?

Ben Lewis

Pining for the fjords?

The current iPhone BlueTooth stack only supports audio connections for headsets and the like. No support at all for file transfer or external data equipment.

Pity really as Apples own aluminium Bluetooth keyboard is pretty cute. No need to lug a laptop around if you've got POP/IMAP email setup on your iPhone and can actually type at a decent rate. The on-screen keyboard is painful for anything more than an SMS.


UK rattles 'three strikes' filesharing sabre (again)

Ben Lewis

Re:Re:Guys Guys, You're pigeon holing yourselves..

cor >> Yeah, and it's "Def Leppard". Tsk, youth of today.

Yes sorry about that, possibly a few too many De Konnicks at lunch time coupled with the fact that Firefox on the Mac won't spell check the title text box.

But being lectured on musical taste by a Dutchman* Priceless!

*Note to Holland, dance music stopped in 1989 and Helmut Lotti is not cool.

Ben Lewis
Dead Vulture

Guys Guys, You're pigeon holing yourselves as overwieght forty something IT support lackies

Iron Maiden? Def Leopard?

Maybe if you were all downloading something decent I would be sympathetic.

Microhoo! or YahSoft!? The! people! must! decide!

Ben Lewis
Gates Horns

Going Global?

If it's anything like the Alcatel Lucent take over it will be :-


Europe hails foothold in space

Ben Lewis

Ant-eye Missil Missil?

No the "i-Rack" is where Saddam Hussein kept his CD collection.


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