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Sky broadband customers blindsided by SMTP switch-off


Fight Back

The consequencies of this switch are far more reaching than just a change of SMPT servers.

If you use a person email address other than an @sky.com, Sky and Google access your email strip out your return path and replace it with the Broadband account users email.

IE: your reply to: becomes the sky account and not the one you specified.

Which in my case and I'm sure in the case of many is not even my account.. it is my partners who pays the Broadband connection.

Personally that seems outrageous to me.

It's like Royal Mail giving your letter to some other company, who subsequently opens it and changes the reply address to some other house that is not even connected to you.

This can't be right !!!!

All of this without asking permission or even letting people know that would happen.

I believe this must be a breach of contract as it is sending our information and deatials to a 3rd party company and a breach of data protection accessing personal email this way and changing the return path..

This should not go unchallenged and would ask and urge anyone who has experienced this to report it to ofcom and show resistance by cancelling your Sky Broadband account, go to any other company in the country as no other company is stupid enough to use this kind of restrictive practice.



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