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Nvidia shows off first 'Kepler' GPUs

Bob Howard

"The promise that Huang made back in September 2013"

Wow, looks like the Special Projects Bureau got the time machine working...

US Military cyber forces on the defensive in network battle

Bob Howard

@ will shaw

Screaming Fist was the abortive attack on the Network Communications center in Kiev that saw the first use of an ICEbreaker in the 'Sprawl' series of books by William Gibson...

Man banished from PayPal for showing how to hack PayPal

Bob Howard

It's all happened before...

Have a look on here... hackervoice.co.uk...

Read the three posts titled " PayPal hacker discrimination".

Apparently, being able to donate to the site meant that the site was selling Information and Tools allowing the hacking of other sites...

My friend won...

Hain breaks ranks with Cabinet over McKinnon extradition

Bob Howard

@ Job by Glynn2

He wasn't a 31337 hacker. He admits that himself!

He wrote a perl script that searched a list of IP's for Window$ systems with the username of Administrator and a blank password. Not exactly a chained exploit there...

He then used PC anywhere to get onto the systems.

Not that I'm railing on Solo, he's a decent bloke and I hope this all works out for him soon!

Boffins list sci-fi words which wormed their way into dictionary

Bob Howard

@ Ponder Stebbins

Eclipse by John Shirley started off with a global collapse of the banking system after a nuke was set off in orbit and the EMP blast wiped out all of the banking computers...

Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story

Bob Howard

$350,000 each?

Now, the question is, because we've read the story of how the Thetans got here, are we now OT3? And do we now owe the Scientologists $350,000 each?

Or are all those OT3's going to demand there money back as it's now in the public domain?

Pentagon inks deal on portable milli-wave raygun tech

Bob Howard
Black Helicopters

Did charles Stross get it right?

This sounds a hell of a lot like scorpion stare...


Meltdown turns Time Warner red

Bob Howard

I'm shocked...

I was expecting them to blame it on bit-torrents and pirates!!!

Mobile fingerprinting heads to another 10 police forces

Bob Howard

It's not that bad... So far...

I've had a play with one of these things. It only searches on the index fingers of the hands, and doesn't record any information of searches, whether successful or not...

Currently, the only times you'll get added to the database is when they arrest you, and either get ya on a Livescan system or take your prints with ink.

The lantern doesn't search the crime-scene marks database either...

Free software lawyers warn over Microsoft patent pledge

Bob Howard

@AC 'All proprietary "standards" are problems'

Sabayon linux comes with libdvdcss as standard, but you have the choice to add it or not during install...

Brit firm levitates floating chair

Bob Howard

A Gibson-esque future echo?

Oddly similar to the mag-lev bed in Gibsons `Spook Country`...

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