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Egg scrambles to fix network outage

Rob Watkins


Looks, like I owe egg an apology. Just fished the letter out of the bin and it does start "Dear" and end "Yours sincerely".

Still a horribly rude letter though. No "Sorry to inform you" or "Thank you for your business" - even if they didn't mean it!

Rob Watkins

Just rude

Sorry if this is a trivial point but I just had to get it off my chest.

A number of years ago I received a letter from my bank informing my that they would be cancelling my Mastercard. The letter went something like this;

"Dear Mr x,

We are sorry to inform you that due to a lack of activity on the account we will be cancelling your credit card facility (blahblahblahblah),

Yours Sincerely x"

I had no problem at all with that, and I'm still a customer with the same bank. Never thought any more about it for years.

The letter I received from egg on Friday started off, in strident bold letters,

"Cancellation of egg credit card xxxxxx" (or something very similar).

The greeting line below the message above carried no pleasantry, just a stark "Mr x".

There was no apology for withdrawing the facility (which I have never missed a repayment on by the way), nor was there a Yours Sincerely at the end.

Now, I'm quite aware that egg are a business and aren't my friends. I also don't care for what reason they are cancelling my card, I could be up to my man-boobs in debt and not paid them for five years, they could have caught me downloading startling quantities of midget porn or paying for ladyboys in Thailand, makes no difference.

Here's my point (finally); surely a tiny bit of politeness and good grace wouldn't have gone amiss would it? Or were they trying to save ink? Or does it just not matter any more these days?



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