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Redmond puts key Vista update on ice

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This the fix right?


Its part of the the security updates also. So i have a Non-IT person having a problem with this.. The machine has to go back to PC world of course they dont get given the install disk.

very poor show, I cant believe you can break into the loop.


Unbundling could cost you £125


MAC code requested (Pipex Customer)

Ok I have informed Ofcom complained to on the news that Pipex is currently doing this (They just send a letter apparently to the ISP). I have now after 6 years asked for my MAC code, so goodbye Pipex it WAS good...

Luckily my exchange has not been converted, but Pipex did try to renew my contract at Xmas to include free evening calls (stealth tatics from the sales side also). But there has not been any mention of the LLU migration program, by letter or email.

This appears to be a loophole, and for most people including unaware IT people are falling for it (Myself Included). I am surprised that tiscalli have been getting away with this. Saying this looking at any Pipex forums, people are leaving in their droves..

Good site to see exchange details http://www.samknows.com/broadband/

Heart because don't we love how this country runs sometimes?



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